How to be the Ultimate Bow Master in Bowmaster

Posted by Myers Sargent on March 17th, 2021

When playing a game, players will feel awful when they have thought of every single detail of their gameplay but it turns out to be a failure. In a game like Bowmasters, that kind of scenario is a reality. Even if we do our very best in picking out every single detail of our strategy, not everything goes according to plan. To be honest, these kinds of mistakes are normal because we are just humans and we can experience errors. Bowmasters’ nature as a competitive game of course results in the attitude of the players being arguably more spirited. Also, we should not just give up simply because we are humans. Bowmasters is not overly complicated so there is definitely a way to win. The methods of winning are in this very article so read on! • Go All In In Bowmasters, arguably the most difficult shot is the first one. It is highly likely that you are almost always not going to hit that first shot unless you are in easy levels. However, we have found a great trick that increases your chances of hitting in your first try. First, always use 100% of your power and angle your degree between 10 to 20. For us, the best angles to use are 13 and 14. Once you have hit your target or at the very least identified a close spot, then you can definitely adjust accordingly. • Know your stuff No matter how good you are in thinking of a plan, these will not be useful if you are not aware of the specifics of the game. Each of the 41 characters in Bowmasters have distinct abilities that are useful in different situations. Not only that, there are also other weapons like the Robin’s Arrow, Gorski’s Flag, and Julius’ Spear. The various weapons in the game also have particular uses. Know when to use a projectile weapon or a straight weapon. • Toss a Coin to your Bowmaster Coins in Bowmasters is extremely important. This currency is very important in the life of a Bowmaster and basically players play largely to collect more coins. Coins let players get more characters to play with. A good plan is nothing without good characters to match it with. Always keep in mind that one of your top priorities is to get as much coin as possible. In bowmasters , the best way to get coins is by doing Bird Hunt or Apple Shooting. Bird Hunt and Apple Shooting are the two modes that has to be unlocked because they earn the most coin. Bowmasters is a pretty straightforward game, but it definitely requires a lot of thinking coupled with fun and action. Remember these tips in order to get the most out of your game.

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