HDPE Plastics Uses And Characteristics And Why They Are Useful

Posted by Michael Luis on March 18th, 2021

Although plastic is a material that causes serious harm to our environment. But it is valid to say that you cannot think your life without plastic anymore. Now plastic is a material that is durable, cheap and most importantly versatile so it is used in almost any kind of material you see around.

Although there is various kind of plastic that is available in our market depending on the level of sturdiness Pollution content and hardness of material. But the HDPE high ethylene plastic is something that is very common and you can find a dozen of uses out of it.

Uses of the HDPE plastic in daily life

•    HDPE is one of the highest producing plastic as it is odourless and non toxic by nature. This is used in making toys, cosmetics container, bottles, and food container and many others products used in home in a daily basis.

•    Also this kind of plastic is used in medical field for making many medical instruments like in X-ray shielding. Other than that HPE is well known for building pipes which is a very important part in sewage control and using HDPE in pipes helps in a smooth liquid conduction in the sewage.

•    HPE is also an important component that is used in other area like the industries for the machines in the factory or for packaging of products. Like that the other places where they come in use are construction sites, fishing and chemical products.

Characteristics of HDPE plastics

This high density polymer most highlighting character is its light weight and flexibility. Also HDPE is highly resistance to chemical and acidsand have no reaction if exposed to them. The water that is more than 100 degree Celsius is also supported by HDPE plastics. Also the HDPE is low conductor of electricity other than that the material can be recycled and can be friendly to the environment.

The only problem that HDPE faces is oxidation that starts at 50 degree Celsius, even if the material is exposed to light at normal room temperature the material will degrade. So, the only solution to this problem is adding antioxidants before any thermal oxidation this method can lessen or may totally eliminate the chance of oxidation.

Advantages of using HDPE pipes

All the characteristics of HDPE make it the best material for building the pipes. The first advantages that comes to mind is it easy installation and handling. As the HDPE is a light weight material the installation is really easy and also the transportation cost is lowered because of it.

Next, is the flexibility of the material this is a great advantage for the pipe builder. This doesn’t need any extra tool or helping but the pipe can be bending to a shape very easily for its highly flexible nature.

The biggest advantage of all is its lasting durability as this material is resistance and doest react to chemicals, acid or any harsh liquid this pipe never gets any sediments and proven to last over fifty years making the material one of the toughest plastic.

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