Cubicle Curtains With Mesh “It’s a Snap” Curtains

Posted by freemexy on March 18th, 2021

Cube Care’s cubicle curtains with mesh is our “It’s a Snap” curtains are another system that can be used to reduce the amount of time and effort used to maintain your facilities cubicle curtains. These curtains come with a detachable mesh that attaches to the curtain with special “snaps”, no longer making it necessary to use ladders and tools to remove panels! It’s easy to remove, and just as easy to install.To get more news about scale mesh curtain, you can visit official website.
Just like our Classic Cubicle Curtains, these snap curtains are sized to fit a specific length of track. This is a great option to select when you want just ONE piece of mesh and ONE piece of fabric per track configuration.

Continuous Mesh Curtains combines the aesthetics of our Classic Curtain, the convenience of our Paneling system, and the ease of a Snap System!

Mesh curtains come with a piece of continuous (and seamless) mesh that is specially sized to match the size of your track configuration. The fabric portion is made up of equally sized panels, and when they are attached to the mesh they are overlapped by 5”. The panels are 66” wide x your specified length and the number of panels that will be used is determined by the size of the mesh.
The Panel Mesh Curtains are very similar to our Cube Care Paneling System. The Mesh portion will be equal in width to the fabric panels, which is 66” wide, and when they are installed on the track they are overlapped at the grommets at 6”. Just like our paneling system, the benefit to this option is that you don’t need to match a specific mesh size to any track, just add the panels until you have the coverage you need! Contact us for more information on our mesh panel curtains.

Cube Care has the largest selection of cubicle curtain fabrics currently available in the industry. We have a constant commitment to bringing fresh, bold, and inspiring textiles every season. With the latest collections you are sure to find something that will fit your space, your décor, and provide an adequate amount of privacy at the same time.

Please visit our Textile Search feature on our website allows you to search through many of the fabrics that are available. Whether you would like to search by cost, by colors, or by patterns, it is a great tool to help you navigate the many options available.

It is also good to remind you can request samples directly from our website. All samples will arrive free of charge so you can always get a perfect match.

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