4 Tips and Gifts to Share with the Team to Help Manage Stress

Posted by Successories on March 18th, 2021

All of us get stressed from time to time, and knowing how to manage stress levels is essential to long-term productivity, engagement, and happiness. While there are dedicated holidays and weeks for stress awareness, stress is a year-round thing, and recognizing it early can make a huge difference. If you feel like your team has been a little extra stressed lately, try sharing these tips and gifts with them.

Talk to the Team to Identify Their Stressors

Different things will induce stress for different people. Some team members might get stressed about an upcoming deadline, while others might find stress to just be a normal part of their job. The important thing is to help your team members identify the triggers for their stress so they can take steps to mitigate them. You can meet with the team as a whole to go over these stressors or chat individually and help them come up with a plan to address their stress. Even just talking about it out in the open might be enough to make a difference!

Don’t Let Any Accomplishment Go Unnoticed

Team members, especially younger generations, want to be noticed. They hate when an accomplishment, big or small, goes without acknowledgment and can unintentionally make them feel less valued or like they aren’t achieving phenomenal results for the organization. Many leaders have found that giving appreciation gifts can go a long way in employee engagement and job satisfaction. So, whether a team member just landed a big client or was able to figure out how to fix a small annoyance in the company’s project management software, reward and acknowledge their achievement.

Set Clear Expectations and Boundaries

Have you considered that much of the team’s stress could because of, or lack of, communication? Managers can struggle to set clear boundaries and expectations with the team, leading team members to feel they need to bend over backward or work late when you don’t expect them to at all. Whether you know it or not, your management style might be a little intimidating, so ensure you’ve set clear expectations. If a team member messages you late at night, kindly ask them to keep work to office hours and never expect them to do more than they need to. Simply clearing these things up could do wonders for team members’ overall stress levels.

Who Doesn’t Love Stress-Relieving Desk Toys?

Sometimes the best way to deal with a stressful situation or task is to sit back and focus on something else for a few minutes. That’s where stress-relieving desk toys and games come in. Whether it’s a puzzle, a wish stone, or a classic squeezable object, these items might not cost a lot but can really help team members adjust their perspective and burn off any overwhelming stress. Find them wherever you purchase executive gifts or other company swag.

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