Cast Iron Machine Tool Bed Plate MOTOR and GEAR TEST Stands

Posted by freemexy on March 18th, 2021

JB / T 7974-99 standard manufacturing, products made of plate and box type, face rectangular, material is HT200-250, face using the process of scraping, Face can be processed V-shaped, T type, U-shaped slots and round holes, long holes, etc.To get more news about Motor testing T-slot cast iron bed plate, you can visit cntrueplate official website.
Tablet is used to build a testing or crossed Datum apparatus, the flat-panel installation should be turned to the level and the load being evenly distributed on each fulcrum, Ambient temperature(20 plus or minus 5. degrees)should be used to avoid vibration.

Rate belongs to cast iron platform series, mainly used for ground boring and milling machine, CNC boring and milling machine, general milling planer, CNC gantry milling machine, main effect is to use the platform to be processing parts of the operation, the platform itself have T trough, etc.; Platform using anchor to reinforce installation, debugging and so on. Test plate, crossed platform, combined platform, T slot platform material for: HT200-300. The working surface hardness is HB170 ~ 210. After two aging treatment (artificial aging and natural aging 2 ~ 3 years). The accuracy of the product is stable and good abrasion resistance. Cast iron plate, platform is mechanical parts inspection plane, parallel degree, vertical degree, Angle, straightness and shape measurement of position tolerances

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