The importance of motorcycle riding gloves and buying skills

Posted by EndoGear on March 18th, 2021

Most people disagree with our own hands, but when buying motorcycle gloves, you have to make sure to buy gloves suitable for riding. First of all, you have to make sure they fit well.

The hand is an important part that connects you to the motorcycle, so your hands and fingers need to have a comfortable environment and need to be protected. It sounds like common sense, but Kevlar gloves are often easily overlooked, and the quality and suitability of gloves are not taken seriously for the importance of enhancing the riding experience.

Do you ride all year round? Have you had an intense riding experience? Have you ever ridden a sports motorcycle or a motorboat? In any of the above scenes, you can find that the motorcycle gloves used are tailor-made for these items, and there are many textures, colors, and styles for you to choose from.

Fundamentally, motorcycle gloves should suit you like your second skin. If you are riding your motorcycle on the track and running at a speed of 100 yards, you have no energy to think of your hands. Similarly, if it is rainy and cold, you can ride in a comfortable state. It is not a problem to control the motorcycle with your hands, because your gloves are very suitable for you.

Kevlar motorcycle gloves

Importance of Best Motorcycle Gloves:

Sometimes the importance of motorcycle gloves will be ignored by people, because of personal preference, so you should try a few more pairs of street bike gloves to find the best pair for you. In any impact situation, the palm heel is the first part that will be injured when it touches the ground. Therefore, it needs better protection to reduce damage. At the same time, other parts of the palm need to be thin and soft to the touch.

Here are four aspects you need to consider when buying cruiser motorcycle gloves:

1: Fit-Does your glove fit your hand? They should fit snugly but don't you feel the restraint in your hands?

2. Feelings-how do they make you feel? Will their lining restrict the movement of your fingers?

3. Structure-Is it an internal seam butt joint or external seam butt joint; what material is it made of, cowhide, kangaroo skin, or man-made material?

4. Features-Does this glove have vents, do you have additional protective facilities, what is the length (on the upper or lower end of the wrist), and whether it can meet your requirements when riding?

How do I choose safety gloves?


Textured or hard or soft protective devices can protect your knuckles under impact. Such motorcycle gloves heated fingers can be docked with the outer jacket to protect the wrist from strong winds in a sealed condition. When choosing street bike gloves, follow the criteria for choosing a helmet. They must fit comfortably, and at the same time, you must also consider the type of motorcycle you have.

When riding, your hands play a key role in supporting this process. Therefore, perhaps you should choose to use forward-bent gloves for better support. But in a more casual way of riding, you need a pair of best motorcycle gloves with all-around protection to deal with certain emergencies.

There may be some discomfort when wearing forward bend gloves. This type of glove uses less material in the palm, but you can feel it if it is made of leather. When you are not riding, leather feels a little strange to you, but once you start riding, you can realize the purpose of this design. The same is true for front curved gloves, which are designed for certain purposes.

What material is used for leather motorcycle gloves?

Let's focus on the raw materials used to make gloves. The cowhide is very thick and can withstand high-strength wear, but the disadvantage is that the cowhide is harder. Kangaroo leather is another alternative material because it is soft and can withstand wear and tear. The soft goatskin can also be used to make leather motorcycle gloves. The compromise solution is that the overall structure of a pair of motorcycle gloves can be constructed with cowhide, and the palm part can be replaced with kangaroo leather.

Also, check the windproof performance of the gloves. This is for convenient use in winter. Such performance requires a thicker lining and longer sleeves. If it is a summer motorcycle glove, it needs a relatively hard material and good ventilation performance. Usually when choosing the right gloves, in addition to trying them in the store, you should wear gloves and hold the motorcycle handlebar to feel it. Once you find the right motorcycle gloves, you should be able to use them for a long time, given that they were carefully found.

Most people have their own ideas about what kind of gloves they want, but I strongly recommend that you try as many pairs as possible, which is similar to trying on shoes. The "large" produced by one manufacturer may only be "medium" in other brands, so you need to watch and try before making the final decision.

You should clean your gloves every few months to remove contaminated dust and sweat stains. Motorcycle riding gloves should first be washed with soap in warm water and then rinsed with cold water. Let the gloves air dry instead of wringing. Using any method of drying will destroy the glove material. It is also a good idea to put the glove back in place when it is still wet so that you can make the shape of the glove fit your hand and then dry it naturally.

If it is leather motorcycle gloves, you can occasionally use some curing agent to keep it soft and shiny. At the same time, check all the stitches to see if there are loose stitches, and also check the glue adhesion to eliminate the phenomenon of falling off. So, when choosing a new pair of motorcycle gloves, consider the type of motorcycle you are riding, the weather, time, road conditions, etc., and then make a decision to choose the pair that suits you best.


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