What Are Different Types of Retainers?

Posted by From Home Dental on March 18th, 2021

Retainers are popular custom devices that are designed to hold the teeth in place. They result beneficial once braces are removed. It takes some time for the teeth to mend into their new position. They are perfect for patients with misaligned and crooked teeth who desire a straighter as well as a more balanced smile.

Usually, retainers are worn after orthodontic treatment, like alignment trays or braces. Once the device has been removed after the orthodontic treatment, the teeth can effortlessly move back into their original position. These days it is possible to get cheap retainers for teeth as per the requirement. Retainers are of two different types that include removable and permanent. Each type of retainer has its advantages and disadvantages, but they serve the same purpose that is to keep the teeth straight after removing the braces.

Removable Retainers:-

Removable retainers are the ones with the hard plastic piece. They can easily be removed and offer the advantage of easy use. The user can put such retainer in at night and then take it out in the morning. Removable retainers let the user enjoy some time with no retainer. Generally, removable retainers are a combination of a wire that goes across the face of the upper as well as lower teeth. Removable retainers are attached to an acrylic material along with the hooks that can easily be inserted in and around the teeth for holding them in their place. It is possible to adjust the wires of such retainers. This helps to continue the minor movement of the teeth when required. Some benefits of them are:-

  • Removable retainers are built to last and Have staying power.
  • Such retainers let the bite settle.
  • They are simple to adjust and fix.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain them.
  • They are also available in different colors.

Permanent Retainers:-

Permanent retainers are also known as fixed retainers and bonded wire retainers. These types of retainers can only be removed by an orthodontist. The users cannot remove them. Permanent retainers are those that stay in the mouth all the time, as they are glued (bonded) to the back of the teeth. They also hold the teeth firmly in place for preventing them from moving back into their earlier positions. Permanent retainers are also durable. Some benefits of Permanent retainers are as such:-

  • They have a very long life span.
  • Permanent retainers can’t accidentally end up in the trash.
  • They are not visible to others.

Invisible Retainers:-

Invisible retainers are the modern evolution of orthodontic care. Such types of retainers are nearly invisible. Invisible retainers are made from clear plastic and are custom-fitted for the user's mouth. They are best at keeping the teeth in their new positions. Invisible retainers are clear and hard to notice without looking for them. Invisible retainers are also inexpensive.

Hawley Retainers:-

Hawley retainers are one of the most widely used retainers. They are made of bendable wire and plastic or acrylic. Hawley retainers include a thin, and tongue-shaped piece of acrylic molded that is used to fit the mouth, along with a wire for holding the teeth in position. The wire in such retainers goes across the front of the teeth. Such retainers are available in various colors and styles. Hawley retainers are adjustable so that the orthodontist can “tweak” the teeth slightly after the braces. Such popular retainers are durable, simple, and can easily be removed. These retainers do not even interfere with the natural contact of the tooth and are even more comfortable than the other retainers. They are cheap retainers for teeth that last a long time with proper care and are easy to clean.

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