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Posted by rockmartin on March 18th, 2021

There are a lot of cool Blockchain Marketing Agencies out there, but you don't really get to know one unless you talk to them, spend time with each other, or work with them. Our collaboration with these organizations has been outstanding, and we are proud of them. Furthermore, these businesses have aided many successful cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses in achieving their advertising objectives.

The Importance Of A Good PR And Marketing Strategy For Your Blockchain Project

Remember the internet: it was a domain of innovation users because it was a network of interconnected computers that could exchange information. The general public did not begin to use the technology until the late 1990s. One big factor contributed to the internet's late adoption: there was no effective marketing to spread the message. The promise of the internet was slowly but steadily realized as more individuals and organizations embraced it. It is hard to envision a world now without it today.

Likewise, the problem has infiltrated the most recent technological revolution: blockchain. Some may claim that the advertising and sales structures of the internet era are vastly different, nevertheless the same variables (albeit in smaller numbers) play a role in the acceptance of decentralized technology. Yes, blockchain technology now has access to a much larger audience, thanks to a much quicker internet and a plethora of channels and forms of media that did not exist at the internet's inception. However, when it comes to marketing, many decentralized networks rely on outdated strategies that don't work in the industry.

Public Relations And Advertising For The Blockchain Industry

With main social media platforms banning blockchain-related advertising (especially ICOs), conventional digital marketing is becoming increasingly difficult to reach out to new users and stakeholders The consumer base of blockchain, like all other technologies before it, is also dominated by early investors who have a particular interest in it or are currently involved in the industry. Blockchain platforms are gradually relying on Marketing Blockchain experts  and public relations firms that specialize in blockchain promotion to become popular and effective.

But Why Hire A Full-Service Public Relations Firm?

The era of conventional marketing is over when it comes to the blockchain. 86 percent of people avoid commercials on television, and 91 percent of email users have unsubscribed from a newsletter they had previously signed up for.

With several social media sites prohibiting advertisements, there are few ways for blockchain platforms to get information about themselves to a potential customer. When the platform in question plans to launch an ICO or token sale, the problem becomes even more acute. This is where experienced public relations firms in Marketing Blockchain can help. Their ability to get the message out to the right audience makes all the difference, thanks to their connections to major news portals and a cryptocurrency fan network.

Another significant factor is the prevalence of fraud in the industry. Since blockchain has attracted a large number of investors, a slew of get-rich schemes have saturated the market, promising the next big thing while defrauding investors. Investor morale is weak in this situation, and the right form of promoting can set a company as well as its ICO apart.

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