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One of the most major issues for any new startup is raising money, and without it, companies may fail to get their cryptocurrency project going. With Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs) serving as the primary means of doing so, attracting investors is critical to achieving the desired funding target and enabling a project to go live.

The community and COMMUNITY MODERATION SERVICES are critical components of any effective ICO marketing campaign. Because of the power of social media and community networks, how and to whom your ICO is communicated can make or break an ICO. The following are the most common and strong free channels:

Reddit: The Reddit community is the most difficult to crack. The Reddit group is knowledgeable and brutal, and it provides a high degree of visibility that can be tapped into by subscribing to value subreddits or posting on other threads.

While you can no longer promote your ICO on Facebook, there are various countries and pages dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and initial coin offerings. Facebook also allows you to create and maintain your own community, which you can update on a regular basis.

Quora: Providing high-quality, well-written content and remaining involved in threads on Quora has continued to be an efficient targeted source of high visibility. Using threads here, you can get your message out to the appropriate person.

Specialized Forums: There are many forums and internet discussions to choose from, and customized forums can be a great way to get the word out about your ICO to a large, engaged audience.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn groups with tens of thousands of participants covering the entire blockchain, ICO, and blockchain spheres can be accessed for free.

Twitter: Identical to Facebook in that you can no longer promote on it, Twitter is popular among crypto enthusiasts, with selectable Twitter marketers with hundreds of millions of fans.

Telegram: In terms of technology, it's the newcomer, but it's growing in popularity and influence with each passing day. Telegram has been adopted by the entire blockchain and crypto communities since its inception, and it has become a critical platform for publicity.

Marketing via email: One of the more traditional  strategies that can still be a significant aspect of any CRYPTO ADVERTISING in 2018. Sending spam emails, also known as "spam," can do more damage than good It will affect your company's credibility, result in a heavy fine, and limit your ability to send emails in the future.

The prohibitions that have been seen on social media are now being seen more in email services; Mailchimp is among the most well-known email service providers to prohibit crypto and ICO ads. Other providers, nevertheless, continue to promote crypto and ICOs, and an email marketing campaign can also be part of the general ICO marketing plan.

Creating your first email list takes some time, but it will provide you with an eager audience to connect with in the long run. Opt-in lists, which are mostly highly targeted, are provided by agencies and can be a good source of publicity.

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