How To Market The Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Posted by rockmartin on March 18th, 2021

As A Store Window, The Website

Your ICO MARKETING STRATEGY should revolve around your website. It reflects your project and, in many cases, makes the crucial first impression. Your website should be simple to navigate and have as much detail as possible about your venture and the people who are working on it. Transparency is something that people want and anticipate, and it helps to create trust. Short videos are cool, but the white paper, team, and roadmap are essential, and without them, the ICO could be "attacked" by crypto experts and investors. The odds of a good ICO are slim without a solid technical white paper, a strong team, and a well-defined roadmap.

Commence Your ICO SEO Strategy Right Away.


The CRYPTO SEO strategy should be the foundation of your ICO marketing plan, but it is often ignored in the flurry of activity surrounding an ICO. An knowledgeable and well-researched on-page and off-page Marketing plan will lay out a straightforward roadmap from the start on the routes that will ensure a steady stream of organic search results in the long run. If there is no SEO compatibility or plan in place, it is a clear indicator that the ICO's emphasis is only short-term. This will raise red flags for more experienced investors, which is something you certainly don't want to do. When it comes to selling an ICO, so often the emphasis is solely on the here and now. However, if you would like your ICO to be a deep winner, you must look past the ICO launch and invest in ways to deliver quality and development after the ICO. A competently SEO-optimized website, along with an insightful off-page link-building plan and an online reputation management plan, will ensure your ICO project's long-term viability and visibility. Any ICO marketing program should include a well-researched and carefully implemented SEO strategy.

Public Relations And Media Relations


So, your ICO promotion website is up and running, and now it's time to tell the public about your ICO. Press releases are a tried-and-true way of getting the message out and gaining attention for your ICO. They are a crucial component of an ICO marketing plan, and while a DIY solution is possible, hiring a professional STO PR AGENCY  is the best way to really maximize this essential aspect.

There are a variety of online sites where you can post your press release, some of which are crypto-specific. While some good free sites exist, the best sites will charge a fee to publish your press release; however, press releases must be budgeted for and included in every ICO marketing plan.

Another great way to publicize your ICO and get SEO backlinks is to have guest blog entries published in prominent crypto and mainstream media outlets. Many sources, including some of the most prestigious, can publish high-quality, well-written content that provides quality on their own site for free, although in many instances, a fee for exposure is paid.

Bounty Systems That Work


ICOs are focused on bonuses and rewards. Bounty systems are an essential aspect of every ICO marketing plan. They are an effective way to attract investors and retain stakeholders, with pre-ICO and post-ICO strategies needed.

Free tokens, also known as airdropping, can help an ICO's marketing efforts, but they must be treated with caution. You may not be maximizing the campaigns if there are no or insufficient incentives. If you give away too much information, your ICO will be seen as a fraud or a project that isn't economically feasible.

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