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Posted by rockmartin on March 18th, 2021

Marketing Collaterals: Every POST ICO MARKETING  strategy must include collaterals that clearly and concisely present the company. We'll go over the advertising materials you'll need, as well as how to create each one to efficiently target pertinent investors, in the sections below.

A pitch deck is a short description that gives investors a high-level overview of your company. During face-to-face or virtual chatting with prospective buyers, customers, stakeholders, and co-founders, you will typically use your pitch deck.

Investor pitch decks that tell a story and involve people's feelings are more successful. Your deck should always explain the issue that your organization is trying to solve and how your project can help. The size of the market and the potential size of the opportunity to investors should be included in every pitch deck.

You should also mention your competitors and how you plan to differentiate yourself. Include a rudimentary economic forecast on this slide, as this is likely to be the one where investors will spend the most time. Also, emphasize your team and why you have the training and expertise necessary to lead this project.

Website: Your POST ICO MARKETING  strategy will be incomplete without a well-designed website. The website will contain all project-related information as well as contact information for your team. This is where your investors will most likely go to know more about your deal. To draw the target audience, everything from the template to the copy to the material on each page must be optimized.

Whitepaper: Whitepapers are utilized to inform viewers about a specific issue while also promoting a specific solution in order to sway the decisions of potential customers. They're typically written in a more formal tone. Keep in mind that your whitepaper isn't a sales pitch. The whitepaper's format should be insightful and compelling, based on facts and proof, rather than simply stating why the consumer should purchase your stuff.

Light paper: A light paper is a condensed version of your whitepaper that contains the most important details regarding your project and its coin. Light papers will offer consumers a brief run-down on what to anticipate from your project even if you don't want to share all of your company details with non-investors.

Content: advertising Create content to position your company as an industry leader. Prospective buyers would regard you as a reliable source and be more keen to learn something about your ICO as a result. Remember to check your investor personas when developing any piece of content to see if they match. Each component should talk explicitly to your investor personalities, describing how your project would help them.


 Social Media

Make use of social media to promote the idea on the internet. Social networking is widely used and can help you find your potential investors. Increase brand awareness and community engagement by posting updates on your project. Being social is an important aspect of social media. Engage with your community to learn about their preferences, desires, and how your project can assist them.

Platforms For Messaging

Further to engage with participants, use a messaging platform like Telegram. You can create a group for your project on Telegram and pre-write messages to send to new subscribers. A messaging app can answer any frequently asked questions, leaving you free to connect with users who have additional queries

Many ICO MARKETING SERVICES  firms overlook messaging platforms, despite the fact that they are an important tool for outreach and involvement. Messaging platforms link your company with audiences who are already focused in your sector and are ready to engage in discussions about new crypto ventures.

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