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Posted by MichealH Alexander on March 18th, 2021

Accidents can happen under any number of circumstances, but there are ways to prevent many accidents from happening. When people use common sense and think about how their actions can affect others, they can often keep others from harm.

For instance, when someone spills something on the floor, they should immediately clean it up or mark the spill with a sign or barricade so that unsuspecting people don’t fall and get hurt.

Unfortunately, many people don’t consider how their negligence can cause others harm. If you’ve been hurt in a slip-and-fall accident caused by someone else, you can seek damages from them through the personal injury claim process. For assistance handling a fall accident claim, contact a Phoenix slip-and-fall lawyer at our firm.

Examples of Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Phoenix

Most slip-and-fall accidents are caused by a spill or leak of some kind. For instance, if a leaky faucet isn’t fixed, it could spill water onto the floor and pose a slip danger. If you slip on the water, you could be seriously injured in the fall. You could strike your head and receive a brain injury, or you could land on your arm or back and break a bone or injure your spine.

Whoever was responsible for your slip accident should be held accountable for it. For example, if your accident occurred at a store, the store owner can be held liable for the injuries and losses you sustained.

Your Phoenix slip accident attorney will work to find out the cause of your slip injury, and they will assist you in filing your claim against the liable party. The following are a few examples of who could be liable for your slip-and-fall accident in Phoenix.

Store or business owner Property owners The government Landlords Property management companies Construction companies Employers Medical care facilities

Injuries Common in Phoenix Slip Injury Accidents

Most people don’t realize just how serious a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident can be. Your fall could have left you with debilitating injuries that have negatively affected your life. You could be immobilized due to your injuries; you could be unable to work at present; you could have even been permanently disabled as a result of your accident.

Injuries can change the course of your life, and you deserve to be financially compensated for all the ways this accident has affected you and your family. If you can’t work because of your injury, you will need money to provide for your future. If you are dealing with mental trauma, anxiety, and stress, you can be compensated for those negative issues as well. Phoenix Work Injury Lawyer

Damages for a Phoenix Slip-and-Fall or Trip-and-Fall Accident Claim

No matter how serious your injuries are, you should be compensated for any loss that you’ve suffered. When you didn’t cause your accident, Arizona law purports that you can be financially compensated for the damages you’ve suffered. When you partner with a Phoenix slip accident attorney, you increase your chances of receiving the settlement you need.

Your attorney can negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company to see that you receive a fair settlement. Trying to handle insurance companies without legal representation can be overwhelming for you, and you may even inadvertently harm your case.

Get Ahold of a Slip-and-Fall Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

You have every right to hold a negligent party accountable when their actions have resulted in serious harm to you. Your damages could be extensive when you’ve been injured in a slip or trip accident, and hiring an attorney is a way to increase your chances of a successful case outcome in a premises liability case like this.

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