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With the increase in the online sales market, there are several opportunities for various types of business. If you are looking to sell products on a WooCommerce site? It is an excellent advent to identify and use the bulk order form plugins that can instantly work for you. Be it a donation form, a payment collection form, or a multi page order form. Choosing the best WooCommerce bulk order form or plugins would help you set order forms that sell without prior knowledge or coding skills.

Seemingly, the bulk order form plugins are well-suited for users to sell a particular set of products or services without substituting them to an all-inclusive eCommerce site. The simple order forms integrated with the overall payment gateways can help you to place online food orders, order donations, ticket bookings, and many more. These plugins come with a pre-built template suited for your site and are tailored with drag-and-drop fields to meet your requirements.

After you have incorporated your form into the payment gateway and published it on your site, it enables users to place product orders easily or book a particular service. The Instant notifications are sent to both the admin and the user using the event tracking option.

Hence, In this article, we'll discuss the top 5 bulk order form plugins for WooCommerce to build order forms with or without payments for your site.

1. Bulk Order Form For WooCommerce

Bulk-Order form for WooCommerce is the powerful WooCommerce extension that provides you a simplistic way for product listings, and instantly at the same time, it also allows you to modify the tables of your product. This add-on enables you to create a simple, flexible, and responsive product table with the following choices: searching fields, sorting products, Pagination, filtering, and many more. Furthermore, the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce assists you in increasing sales and attaining improved user engagement.


  • Drag and Drop Product Table Builder – This feature allows Drag & drop columns to get placed in the dotted box. The only column tags are edited, placed in the dotted area, and visible on the front-end section.
  • All Products in 1 Table – It helps users to display your WooCommerce shop all the products with the desired fields in a single layout easily.
    Fully Responsive Design View – The tables are fully responsive; they instantly trigger to adjust various screen sizes.
    Multiple Options of Pagination – This option enables users to display the product table's pagination option when you have multiple pages.
  • Column Customization – Shows extra columns consisting of weight, dimensions, stock, tags, SKU, and many more.
  • Complete Product Data Control – This shows a list of specific products based on their status, category, status, tag, tailor-made terms, custom field value, or date (The date is categorized by day, week, or month).
  • Add to Cart Button – It allows customers to insert items to their cart instantly.
  • Implement Multiple or Bulk Quantities to Cart – You can view or hide the quantity picker that enables customers to select a quantity in the product table directly.


Bulk Order Form For WooCommerce extension includes support for Wholesale For WooCommerce. Bulk Order Form For WooCommerce extension includes support for Name Your Price.

2. Rapid Order For WooCommerce

Rapid Order for WooCommerce is a bulk order form plugin that makes a quick and easy shopping experience for your customers. This plugin converts your WooCommerce store into a complete wholesale ordering system. It also offers all-inclusive features such as infinite scroll, live search, and rapid add-to-cart that satisfy your customers.


  • Infinite Scroll – This feature reduces the clicks and enables them to find what they're looking for scrolling through the mouse.
  • Live Search – Lets your customers search for products responsively and simplistically. It makes an easy-to-understand shopping experience, so your customers don't have to search via categories and menus to scroll-down to search for their needs.
  • Rapid add-to-chart – Several eCommerce platforms offer an intuitive edge to add an item to the cart in a multi-step form. Using the rapid order, you can increase the quantity and add the items to your cart.

3. B2B Quick Order Plugin For WooCommerce

B2B Quick Order Plugin provides quick order forms that ease the customers from making bulk purchases on your store. In this way, your customers can insert all the products in the form, categorize and add them in a single step to the cart. Additionally, the Ajax-driven product search option is an easy way to search for your store's products. It also provides an option to insert items into a cart using a CSV file via providing a downloaded file sample. This plugin constitutes a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for store owners to configure it easily. 


This plugin offers the following features as enlisted below:

  • Single Page – This feature allows customers to buy products from a single page.
  • Instant-Suggestion Ajax Search – This feature helps users to find the product quickly.
  • Single Click Action – This feature helps users to insert multiple products in the online shopping cart.
  • Search Using A Product Name – This feature helps customers to search for products using a product name.
  • Insert Different Products – This feature enables you to insert various products on the Import CSV Files – This feature helps users to place products in add to cart with a single click.
  • Updates Quantity of Products – This feature helps users to update multiple products easily.
  • Insert Extra Rows - This feature helps the customer to add extra rows as per the requirements.

4. StoreApps WooCommerce Buys Now

StoreApps is a WooCommerce Bulk Order Form Plugin that helps users to quick up the purchase process on your store. This plugin assists customers to skip the cart page and redirects them to the checkout page. If users are already logged in to your site and have the payment details saved, they can eventually purchase with an instant click.

It also provides an option for guest users; when a guest user clicks on the Buy Now Button, the plugin shows a popup form that they can use to complete the checkout. Additionally, you can also make Buy Now links and share them via emails or social media platforms. The payment plan for this plugin costs around per year and 9 for one time.


  • Allows Buy Now Links Storewide or Per item Based Categories.
  • Converts all 'Add to Cart' links to 'Buy Now.'
  • Works will all WooCommerce Product types.
  • Works with all Payment Methods.
  • Redirects to any site page.
  • Select a shipping method or embed coupon.

5. WooCommerce One Page Checkout

This plugin enables you to include checkout fields on any site page on your WooCommerce store. Your customers can complete the purchase from a single page on your store. You can selectively view multiple products on this checkout page that customers need not have to leave any page to find other relevant products. Likewise, it provides support for the short code to view this one-page checkout on your site. It also helps to build landing pages for the marketing assets where you can implement tailor-made content along with a purchase option.


  • Product Selection & Checkout.
  • Simplistic Code & Free Setup.
  • Customized Landing Pages.
  • Selected Products.
  • Types of Product Support.
  • Prebuilt & Customised Template.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, 'WooCommerce Bulk Order Plugins' improves conversions and boosts user engagements on your site. The afore-mentioned plugins have all the essential features to create an online bulk order form without heading ahead to the eCommerce sites. Hence, you can choose any bulk order form plugins from the above-enlisted ones that meet your online business's requirements that help users boost their brand identity to the next level.

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