These Bad Habits Ruin Your Carís Tires

Posted by Westech Automotive Ltd on March 18th, 2021

Certain bad habits speed up the wear and tear of our vehicles. Our car’s tires, particularly, are prone to this because they are the ones in contact with the road. See if you are doing these bad habits that ruin your car’s tires:

1. Toying with the steering wheel when you are parked

You are parked at a grocery parking lot and waiting for your spouse to finish doing the groceries. While sitting idly by, you toy with the steering wheel. You might not do it consciously and you just randomly do it out of boredom. But this actually ruins your tires. It puts an unnecessary toll on the tire treads.

There is even a term to this. It’s called “dry steering”. If you do this a lot, don’t be surprised to find your tires looking more worn-out than usual.

2. Breezing over potholes and road bumps.

Driving over these imperfections on the road is inevitable. We can’t always predict road quality. You might visit a place that has damaged roads. This is why it’s important to be extra alert and to maintain a good speed. That way, you still have time to slow down before you hit these road bumps and potholes.

Driving at a high speed over these road bumps and potholes will surely inflict damage to your tires. Not only will this wear out your tires but it will also cause your wheels to go out of alignment. Misaligned wheels will make it more difficult to control your vehicle. This can also cause your vehicle to become less efficient. It’s going to struggle to function, hence causing it to use up more fuel.

3. Braking suddenly.

Hitting the brakes suddenly does not just wear out the brakes but also the tires. It causes your tires to skid. This is true especially in the summer when the roads are hotter. The added friction can wear out the tire treads.

Make it a point to maintain a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. That will help you prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

4. Driving with poor tire pressure

One of the basic maintenance steps you should do to your vehicle is to check its tire pressure. Poor tire pressure can happen because of a lot of things such as high temperatures and your driving habits. You lose mileage with your gas every time you lose tire pressure. It also causes uneven wear and tear.

When you avoid doing these bad habits, you can prolong the life of your tires. However, you should also recognize the signs that say it’s time to head to Tire Shops in Penticton and have it changed.

You can go to tire shops in Penticton such as Westech Automotive to find out if your tires are still in good condition and just need maintenance or if you should have them replaced. Be sure to go to reputable tire shops in Penticton.

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