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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on March 18th, 2021

Infection, scarring, bruising, redness, and swelling are the most common side effects. During your consultation, you will be fully informed on what to expect and consider as you decide whether or not to have lip injections. At the SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors, we use fillers made by Teoxane Laboratories that incorporates Swiss Science. Teosyal products are injectable dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid designed to add volume to the face and help your skin retain moisture. Because of its better cross-linking bonds, less of the product is needed, which also means less risk for infection. Tender and sore lips for the first couple of days after treatment are expected. Some clients choose to have anaesthetic cream applied to the lips, which can make the treatment more comfortable. The lip filler also contains a local anaesthetic called Lidocaine, which helps ease discomfort during the procedure as the areas surrounding the lip fillers cost initial injection will rapidly be numbed. SKIN CLUB – Cosmetic Doctors offers the finest procedures for Lip Fillers / Lip Injections in Melbourne. Our experienced Cosmetic Doctors offer personalised treatments to clients in our Melbourne Clinical Studios. Autologous fat transfer for lip augmentation is performed at Avenue Advanced Skin Care in conjunction with the experienced team at Avenue Plastic Surgery. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic to minimise your discomfort. Find out how cosmetic surgery has improved the quality of life of others. We always look for the most advanced technology all over the world and we pioneered Fat concentrate transplant, Skin Mesotherapy gun and Plasma pen fibroblast treatment. Lips are the centre of beauty for any woman’s face, and they are also one of the most vulnerable areas of ageing. Lips get affected by the ageing process and sun exposure just like your skin. Our team of experiencedDoctors and Registered Nursesuse the latest technology and facial analysis techniques, our team create a personalised treatment program for each and every client. Your experienced Laser Clinics Cosmetic Injector will ensure your treatment is best in class. Pain is extremely subjective and everyone has different thresholds, however, the cosmetic injectable products used contain anaesthetic. Additionally, a topical numbing agent is applied to reduce any discomfort. Your injector will check in on your comfort levels throughout the lip injection procedure. The V-shape in the middle of your upper lip –the Cupid’s bow– can be made more pronounced. During your treatment, the product will be taken from the sealed box. You will be able to see exactly what is going on and what is being used. The regions to be treated are marked and the filler is injected using a fine needle. Side-effects of Dermal Filling may include some swelling, redness and occasional bruising. This will disappear within a couple of days although occasional severe bruising can last up to days. Dermal Fillers are injected into the lips in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. Local anaesthetic cream or dental blocks may be administered for increased comfort. The tiny amount of fat is harvested by liposuction , then refined to form a smooth substance before injection into the lips with a needle similar to the one used for dermal fillers. In response to a number of tragic and well publicised adverse cosmetic outcomes the Australian Medical Board Guidelines were changed on the 1st of October 2016. The law now requires all patients undergoing cosmetic procedures such as lip enhancement and anti-wrinkle injections to be consulted personally by a qualified Doctor. At Kiora, to maximise safety and minimise the reaction time to unexpected events, all such procedures have always been performed personally by an experienced and qualified Cosmetic Doctor. We are proud we have always acted in the best interests of our patients and prioritised safety; preempting the Medical Board by over 10yrs. Small lumps may also occur; if these lumps are large or persistent, they can be corrected by the doctor. This could be easily addressed by regular lip balm application. No makeup or product should be worn or applied to your lips for at least 12 hours following treatment. You don’t need to be scared, your result depends on who injects the filler. For older lips we can stop that lipstick from bleeding into the wrinkles. For a younger patient we can enhance and smooth your lips for that lip gloss finish. You don’t need to worry we only use premium fillers that last 9-12 months. Lip dermal fillers can be dissolved by injecting an enyzme into the filler.

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