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Posted by andrewpaul on March 18th, 2021

Today's market for Dayton NV homes for sale looks pretty bleak. Things were starting to look up in the first few months of the year. Even though sales were sluggish in June, they were ahead of last years sales in the same month. Let's take a look at some of the pro's and con's to the market.

1. Tax credits for new home buyers ended in June 2010

2. Interest rates for 30 year fixed was 4.89 in May, 4.74% in June and 4.42% in July.

3. 9.5% national unemployment rate, 14% unemployment rate in Nevada

4. 500,000 new unemployment applications filed in US two weeks ago, up from 473,000 the week before

5. Dow is down approximately 600 points, hovering right around the 10,000 mark daily

6. Median price range for Dayton NV homes for sale in 4th quarter 2005 was 0,000+/-, median price range in 2nd quarter 2010 was 0,000+/-

Looking at the above tax credit information, interest rates and median price range, you would think home sales would be brisk, however, home sales continue in a downward spiral. Now, look at the other facts, unemployment rates, new unemployment applications, and the Cheap homes in Aurora .

It's very clear what the driving forces are. People are uncertain about their jobs, the economy, and where this country is headed. They aren't sure whether the recession is over or just a slowdown. Agreed, there was an upturn in the market in the first and second quarter of 2010, but that ended with the tax credits. I recently spoke to a loan representative who noticed a sharp decline in rates one Friday morning and sat in her chair because she had no clients to call and inform them of that great rate to lock in that day. Until there is a clear and definite reduction in the unemployment rate, the amount of Dayton NV homes for sale will continue to seasonally adjust towards more inventory.

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