Online news is closing in on newspaper and TV news: is that true?

Posted by Wiseloaded Media on March 19th, 2021

Since the use of the internet has started involving people, a conflict between online and offline begins to arise. On one side, there is a traditional way people used to and advanced technology on another. From shopping to entertainment, you may need to make the decision after lots of considerations in each step.

When it is about getting the latest news, there is not one participant against online news sources. The decision is more complicated. However, you will have reasons to prefer online news sources instead of those traditional ways after reading this article. So, let’s get started.    

Online platforms as the best news source

While the mainstream sources of news, such as TV, radio and newspaper, have not gone yet, but the internet becomes a highly preferred choice. And the reasons are as below:

·       Fast

Online news platforms deliver news quicker than the traditional mediums of news. And that sets it apart from the rest. Soon after an event occurs, people get the notification of it even if they are not online. On the contrary, TV and newspaper comparably take more time to reach people.

·       Convenient while on the go

Another good reason online news medium is a perfect choice is regardless of the place you get the news on your smartphone. Whether you are travelling, present at a place without cable connect or TV, online news platforms are able to deliver the latest updates.

·       Engaging

Online news mediums understand the perspective of people regarding certain issues and stories. For example, people want, or should I say, love to share their opinion about breaking news. Online let them do it by commenting, and it makes the news quite discussed. After all, some news is totally about public concerns.

·       News direct from sources

Today people are more involved and active on different social platforms is easy to go on live and update the latest news. So, most newsmakers and other stakeholders choose this medium to deliver news direct from the source. It means no entrenched bias.

·       The future

Today the internet is the primary source of information. This digital transformation is impacting every aspect of modern life. And this generation can't change away digital anytime soon or in the long run.

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