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Posted by Lynsey on March 19th, 2021

Each webmaster has to choose a hosting and a domain for the site, and in this process it is worth paying maximum attention, because in the future, the resource's performance, the speed of access for users, the development of the project, and its growth will depend on the choice of the domain and hosting.

Today, choosing a Cheap Hosting India and domain for free is a task that few users of the World Wide Web will be able to cope with. When choosing the computing power intended for hosting a website or domain name, the webmaster must determine the answers to some important questions.

What is the purpose of the site placement search?

1. In which zone should I register a domain name, which name should I choose for the resource?

2. What computing power is needed for the project to function?

3. What should be the operating systems, virtualization technology, and management console?

4. How much traffic is needed for the project to function?

5. What additional parameters are important?

6. To what extent do the supplier's promises regarding the quality of the Reseller Hosting India provided correspond?

The most popular questions and answers to them should be as close as possible, so that hosting is not cheap and expensive.

About the purpose of finding a place to host a site

For testing a resource, or for the work of a small personal page, a blog, a virtual hosting with a minimum of features, a free third-level domain name will be an excellent place. If the project becomes profitable over time and becomes popular, Cheap Hosting India you will have to spend some money to buy a new domain.

About the domain name registration zone, choosing a name for a resource

The convenience and speed of using the site will depend on this issue in the future. Domestic manufacturers and organizations that own registered trademarks can fully expect to register a first-level domain in the .in zone. The rest should choose domain names in the zones .com, . info, .net, etc. In the role of the first part of the domain name, it is desirable to choose the name of the brand, organization, company, or an abbreviation, the type of activity of the enterprise.

About computing power

It is worth noting that the type of RAM, disk space, processor depends on the speed of the resource, the possibility of development. The hosting fee is directly proportional to the amount of leased capacity.

About virtualization technology, management console, and operating system

These characteristics affect the operation of the site, the ability to connect all kinds of modules, as well as programs. The Cheap SSD Hosting pricing depends on the parameters of the type in question.

About the amount of traffic for the project

Traffic without restrictions, a wide channel can provide an opportunity for a significant number of users to get quick access to the Internet network. Of course, paying for unlimited traffic is more expensive.

Additional parameters and their meaning

In this case, there can be a great variety of evaluation criteria, including the quality level of technical support, the number of mailboxes, the placement of several sites, and so on

The provider's promises: how much do they correspond to the actual quality?

Even the most generous promises are worth nothing if they are not fulfilled by the hoster. In this regard, you should check the reputation of the supplier, as well as the level of service before placing the site.

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