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Posted by Lynsey on March 19th, 2021

An Internet site is considered hacked if an unauthorized person (in any way) has gained access to the files of your Internet site that are stored on the server.

Why do they break websites?

Sites are hacked, as a rule, in order to infect the computers of users who visit them with some kind of virus. Another extremely important goal is sending spam using your server, placing various hidden links to various sites.

In all other cases, this is a targeted hacking in order to steal information or a demand for money so that hackers stop hacking the Best Hosting Plans In India and your website.

How do you hack websites, and how can you protect yourself?

Stealing Cheap SSD Hosting passwords from hosting and FTP

If there is a virus on the webmaster's personal computer (or the webmaster gave his passwords from the hosting \ FTP account to a person who has a virus on his personal computer), then 90% that these passwords will get to the creators of the virus and the site will eventually be hacked.

How to avoid it?

Always make sure that your personal computer does not have any viruses, and also try not to give anyone your passwords from your Reseller Hosting India account, as well as access via FTP. If you do, be sure to make sure that this person has no virus on the computer.

Change all your passwords to longer ones, and try not to store them on your computer, much less in a web browser. In addition, we recommend using a secure SHH connection to upload the website files to the server.

Hosting Provider

Quite often, hacks occur due to the fault of the hosting provider, because the server can be installed with outdated software, which is very easy to hack. At the same time, the webmaster can not influence this in any way.

What to do?

Here everything is very simple-place your sites on a reliable, solid and the Best SSD Hosting that has a good reputation and a lot of customers. In our footer, you can find ratings of hosting providers, taking into account the different needs of your website.

Hacking a CMS (website management system)

It does not matter what kind of CMS you have (self-written, paid or free). If it is popular, then thousands of hackers from all over the world are looking for vulnerabilities in it in order to have a special way to hack many thousands of Internet sites in one fell swoop. True, if hackers regularly search for "holes" in the code of site management systems, then the creators of CMS data regularly release updates (so-called patches) that improve security and close the "holes".

What to do?

Always make sure that your website has the latest version of the CMS, and downloaded from the official developer resource, and not from another place on the Network. If the CMS is designed specifically for your site, then it will be relevant to order a special security audit of the website.

Where can I order it?

This is a difficult question, since there are only a few firms that do this qualitatively, and they charge quite a lot of money for their services. When choosing such a company, pay attention to its portfolio, ask its clients how well they work.

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