Creating an online store on WordPress

Posted by Lynsey on March 19th, 2021

There is an opinion that the WordPress CMS is only needed for creating portfolios and blogs, and it will be very difficult to create a fully functional online store with its help. It's a myth! Thousands of online WordPress stores have long been very successful in the Network, and their profits are very large sums.

WordPress is a convenient and flexible content management system that opens up huge opportunities for virtually any type of site, from a simple one-page blog to a good online store.

Creating an online store on WordPress

First steps: Domain and hosting

If you have started creating your first online store on WordPress from scratch, first of all you will need to register the Best SSD Hosting service and a domain for it. If you want the store to be successful, it is better not to save money at the initial stage and use the services of normal website hosting.

The chosen hosting for the WordPress online store must support PHP and MySQL DBMS. Also, due to the specifics of the WordPress CMS, online stores built on its basis may be slower due to certain conditions than you would like, so in order to avoid this problem, you need to place them on a hosting with reliable SSD drives.

Another reasonable option for your online store can be optimized for WordPress hosting, where the CMS is installed automatically in one click. Thus, you will lose all installation problems and get a ready-made solution for your online store on WordPress.

Why choose WordPress for an online store

WordPress will allow you to place, edit, manage the content of the site through a completely understandable and very rich in functions CMS control panel.

Choose WordPress, if:

• You don't know any programming languages;

• You want to create an online store simply and quickly, you do not need very complex functions, such as, for example, conducting auctions or warehouse accounting, you just need a catalog of products with prices, as well as an order form for customers;

• You would like to save your own time and use the ready-made settings and functions;

• Previously, we did not deal with any CMS or had no experience in creating Internet sites at all. And to launch the website or for a great business ahead, you make sure to go with the Best SSD Hosting Reseller Hosting India.

Installing the WordPress CMS

You can download the most up-to-date CMS distribution from the official WordPress website, where you can also find full installation instructions. In short, you will only need to create a MySQL database, specify the password and login of the administrator. After that, you can go to the admin panel and start working on creating an Internet site. Also, make sure to have the Best Hosting Plans In India to launch your website.

Setting up an online store on WordPress

By default, your site will initially look more like a blog than a store. This can be easily fixed by simply selecting and installing a special template for the online store. There are thousands of these templates, and you can easily find them by typing a query like “WordPress online store templates”in any search engine.

After downloading the archive with the template, go to the tab “Install Themes” in the control panel, upload all downloaded files there and install the template.

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