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The increasing use of pesticides and chemicals on vegetables and fruits has led to people shifting for organic alternatives. However, the undersupply of organic options makes it an expensive deal for most. In such a scenario it is a great option to grow your vegetables in your backyard.

Urban lifestyle does put a lot of limitations to your dream of growing veggies in your backyard – not just because of your routine but also because of the lack of space in your tiny urban apartments.

Whether you live in a luxurious 3 BHK luxury apartments in Chandapura or in a studio 2 BHK flat for sale on Sarjapur Road, how you utilize your space is essential. If you use your space wisely, you can have your own little farm right in your apartment. Here are some basic steps that you can follow to grow your Kitchen Garden!


While choosing the space in your luxury villas in Bangalore make sure the place is well-ventilated and has abundant access to sunlight. Sunlight is an essential ingredient and plays a major role in the plant’s growth. Without proper sunlight your garden won’t grow the way it should. You need not plan your “Kitchen Garden” in the kitchen. A small garden full of herbs and veggies can be grown in the balcony of your 3 BHK flats on Haralur Road or even in the window if there’s enough sunlight. More the sunlight, better the growth.


Once you are done planning your garden plot, the next step is to bring pots for the plants. Before you choose the pots, decide which plants do you want to grow in your garden. Small pots are a great option if you want to keep your garden for herbs only.

Slightly bigger pots are good for flowers and other vegetable plants. Although plants grow in plastic pots, it’s always better to use clay posts for your plants. Clay provides the plant roots with great amounts of moisture and air which boosts the plants growth.


There are multiple options to get soil for your plants. You can either get it from any of the nurseries or from the neighborhood gardens/plots. No matter where you source it from, to grow big and fruiting plants you should add compost and coconut husk (cocopeat) that enhances the soil quality.

Once you are ready with your garden plot, abundant sunlight, good quality pots and soil, it’s time to choose the seeds. You can source these seeds from your kitchen waste (vegetable and fruit seeds) or you may purchase them from a plant nursery.

Growing plants may not be rocket science, but it’s surely not everyone’s cup of tea. Your plants need as much care and attention as a baby would. It is always a good habit to trim plants and add manure regularly and keep watering them every day. Abhee Developers is one of the top real estate developers in Bangalore.

The article was originally published here -  BUILD YOUR KITCHEN GARDEN

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