Inculcate Right Behaviour In Child With Help From Conscious Parenting Coach

Posted by Mamazen on March 19th, 2021

A child has to master developmental goals to adjust to personal and societal demands. It is essential that children remain well adjusted in life so that they are accepted by others. A good parent provides support to the child to master these challenges easily. Right teaching and correct attitudes are inculcated by a parent in a child.

The child learns from his parents all the time. The difference between good-bad, right-wrong, is taught initially at home. Parents hold a great responsibility on their shoulders. The scanner is always on the elders so we need to be extra vigilant and careful about our behaviour in front of our kids. Staying conscious, alert and careful while teaching children is right parenting and this can be explained to us by a conscious parenting coach!

Discipline can be exercised by showing consistent behavior and setting limits.  The child is behaving erratically or throwing a tantrum you should not give in. Sometimes staying firm and kind at the same time, is the best way of disciplining a child. You need to go deeper into the situation and understand why your baby is misbehaving.

Conscious parenting coach emphasizes that:

  1. Many times, a gentle and conscious parenting style is very helpful in dealing with children.  Permit a few mistakes and don’t resort to physical punishment or threats to discipline the child.  Understanding works much better.  Go with the call of the heart and deal with each situation with patience and perseverance.
  2. Understand that your child has to remain motivated to behave well so give him your approval frequently. He should understand that he is accepted and loved by the parents at all times.
  3. Pause before you lose your cool. Control that urge to snap back and listen to your child’s viewpoint before you pass judgement.
  4. Parents have to let go of their desires, ego and unreasonable attachments.  Do not force your behaviour on the children.  Understand that you are also capable of making mistakes.  It’s imperative to control expectations and self regulate behaviors when we’re dealing with children.
  5. Your interaction with your child should be conscious and mindful.  This is the only way to establish a deeper connection with the child and interact positively.  Understand your child’s behavior and nurture their essence by responding to their needs. 
  6. You need to be around your children to protect them but should not oppress them with your over possessive behavior. They need to experience the world around them and learn from their experiences. Help them nurture into wonderful well-adjusted individuals.

It can be overwhelming looking after kids and it is a very demanding job. It may seem a struggle and a relentless task, but you can do a great job with conscious parenting. Stay cool and in control and don’t keep judging or berating yourself. We need to fix ourselves here and there and not the kids all the time. So stay mindful and conscious and enjoy your parenting journey.

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