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Posted by PCTE on May 4th, 2015

Ultrasonic pulse velocity tester is an advanced equipment used in the routine checking of concrete materials.

Concrete is one of the primary materials used in the construction industry. The quality of a structure depends upon the standard of the concrete mixture employed. Even, after all, these careful considerations and checking, one often comes across small, hairline cracks. That is why, it is essential to keep checking the structure or the wall under construction, to make it safe and secure.

So, the ultrasonic velocity tester is one such equipment, which regularly comes to use for testing a particular building or a wall. The ultrasonic waves pass through the walls when the tester is placed on them. These waves, return to the equipment on the other side, or on the same side, depending upon the model of the tester used. The returning waves are measured on the transducer attached to the machine, to record the time delay. If there is considerable time delay, it may indicate the presence of cracks or voids inside the concrete.

The ultrasonic waves can penetrate thick walls too. They will change the track only when they are faced with hindrances. These blockages can very likely be due to the fine cracks and voids inside the structure. Those defects can be detected by the UPV tester.

The result obtained by such equipment is highly precise and instant. The equipment is portable and thus, can be carried with by an engineer or the technician, to any spot they would like to test. Another major advantage of this velocity tester is that they can be used on walls and concrete structures of any size, shape and dimension.

Thus, without even a single scratch on the surface, one can, in a matter of seconds, find out if there is a defect within a concrete element. With instant results obtained, one can also put forward the rectifying measures immediately, to save a structure in time.

The advent of non-destructible instruments, like the ultrasonic velocity tester, has changed the way the testing can be done. This equipment, therefore, is a must-have in these industries.

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PCTE supplies a range of equipment from around the world to offer you a one stop shop with all of the latest equipment. Concrete Non Destructive Testing (NDT) comprises testing a property of concrete, largely without damaging the concrete to assess some parameter which either directly or indirectly provides a required characteristic of the concrete or its embedment’s. For more details, you can contact us at the website.

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