Overcoming The Hazards Of Cellphone Radiation

Posted by LouisWillis on March 20th, 2021


The advancement of telecommunication through cellular devices today certainly has benefits as well as disadvantages if it is not used wisely. Radiation exposure is one of the disadvantages that users need to be very careful about. Radiation is the emission of energy through space or matter in the form of heat, particles, or electromagnetic waves or light (photons) from cellphones as a radiation source.

Cellphone radiation is carcinogenic. So, strategies and education are needed to overcome the dangers of cellphone radiation for human health.

Although these all-natural EMFs are vital to your wellness and lifestyle, typically, EMFs from man-made sources-- electric currents as well as voltages coming from the electrical power body-- bring about air pollution that is actually harmful to you. You are revealed to these dangerous EMFs coming from a variety of sources including your TELEVISION, Wi-Fi, small as well as large devices, SmartDOTs, as well as even the electrical meter on your house.

The dangers or negative effects of cell phone radiation are suspected to cause a number of diseases and health disorders, for example, brain tumors, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, fatigue and headaches.

To overcome the dangers of cellphone radiation, below are some tips that need to be known:

Turn on the speaker

Using the speaker when calling or receiving calls will reduce the energy or radiation hazard level of the cellphone. Likewise, the farther you are from the cellphone antenna, the lower the radiation level will be. The headset cable on many cell phones can also act as an antenna, and can transmit a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation to the cellphone user. Therefore, be wise in using a headset cable.

Better SMS

If you are familiar with texting, now you have strong reasons to maximize your habit. Sending texts via SMS will limit the duration of exposure to cellphone radiation hazards, and keep cellphones from our heads and bodies.

Setting to off line mode

When the cellphone is not in use, don't forget to turn it off. Or, set it to offline, stand alone, or flight mode, which will turn off the transmitter but still allow you to use your cellphone to play games or listen to music, and open other applications except for calling and browsing the internet.

Using a mobile phone preferably in a large room. When in narrow elevators, cars or vehicles, limit cell phone use. Do not use cellphones while driving, because it will endanger the safety of you and other road users.

Look at the signal reception indicator

Use less mobile phones when the signal reception indicator is weak, or when you are in a fast-moving vehicle, including a train. cellphone will increase the signal reception strength to the maximum, because the cellphone is always looking for a signal to a new relay antenna.

Wear the ears alternately

If you are required to call for a long period of time, try alternating between the left ear and right ear over and over again. This can limit the exposure to cell phone radiation hazards to one side of the head, which is often associated with an increased risk of brain tumors and cancers of the salivary glands in the ear that are often used to listen to cell phones. When compared to walking or running, the farther the walk will feel tired and sore muscles. Likewise calling, there is a time for rest for the auditory muscles.

Do not stick the cell phone directly to the ear, if the connection is not yet connected. After pressing the button for the intended cellphone number, wait a few moments until an indicator connects. At that time, the cellphone is sending its strongest signal because it is trying to connect.

In one study, it was found that men who carried their cell phones in their trousers pockets tended to have 25 percent lower sperm counts compared to other groups of men who did not keep their cell phones in their trousers pockets. Each part of the body absorbs radiation at a different intensity, and testicular tissue may also be more susceptible to attack. So don't pocket your cellphone if you don't want to be exposed to the danger of radiation.

At night the cellphone should be turned off. If it remains on, it should be placed outside the bedroom, so that electromagnetic waves do not attack the organs of the human brain.

Stay away from toddlers from cellphones

Children under 8 years of age are very at risk of this radiation hazard, so it is highly recommended not to use cell phones.

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