How to Get Music License in India 5 Steps to Get Started

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It is mandatory to obtain a Music License for all the business units who are looking forward to playing music in the public zones for any commercial purpose. As per the Copyright Act, 1957, it is compulsory for all restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, hotels that play music on their premises, to obtain a license. The main objective of this license is to give credit to the creator such as singers, writers, composers, musicians, etc. and at the same time, it safeguards their rights. Scroll down to check more information regarding the license.

What is the Music License?

As per the Copyright Act, 1957, the musical work means a work containing music and includes any graphical notation of such work, and it does not include any words or action intended to be spoken or performed or sung the music.

Music of the owner and purchasing a CD or a DVD does not mean that you have the right to use the music anywhere in Public. If anyone wants to use the music for commercial purpose which can be in the background music or a live performance, then you have to obtain a license.

Any business unit that wants to play music on their premises must require this license to avoid any legal issues, and the business units can be a restaurant, hotel, malls, cinema hall, sports events, product launch, aircraft or any other place where the music is played.

What are the rules that you can't ignore while choosing music for business?

Following are some rules that you should keep in mind while choosing music for your business:

Music License in India for Streaming/OTT (Over the Top)/ Physical Medium

  • Non-Interactive Music streaming services on the Internet.
  • Karaoke service on the internet.
  • Interactive music Streaming services on the internet.
  • Use by Cinematography films on Electronic Digital Medium through renting, download, Streaming, sale and physical medium.
  • Use by Sound recording on Electronic Digital Medium through physical medium and download.

What are the essential documents required for the Music License in India?

Following is the list of all the vital documents required at the time of the registration process for license:

  1. Provide personal details such as name, exact address, Nationality.
  2. Details regarding the business.
  3. A detailed list of all the type of music that the applicant will play.
  4. In the case of a Limited Liability Partnership, submit the Certificate of Incorporation.
  5. Submit the PAN card.
  6. GST Registration Certificate.
  7. Submit any address proof such as the latest electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, etc.

Procedure for Music License Registration

Step 1: The first step is that you have to select the category for the license, i.e., in which type an applicant wants to get his or her license.

Step 2: Once you select the category, then you have to create an account which can be done online on the website of IPR. Then complete the essential details such as name, address, Nationality, contact details of the applicant, Email-Id, GST, and login credentials.

Step 3: Once you complete the application, online verification is done through OTP.

Step 4: Once the verification is completed, then pay the application fee online through the payment gateways after which the online receipt will be sent through Email/SMS.

Step 5: Once you complete the registration process, the IPRS license issue the Introduction Letter to an applicant that indicates the registration of the applicant with the database of IPRS.

Cost for obtaining a Music license in India

Following is the list of factors that are taken into consideration for defining the fee for the license:

  1. Type of Place.
  2. The number of hours.
  3. The number of songs played.
  4. Venue capacity.
  5. Type of food business.

If an artist wants to perform live at an event or concert at his or her business, then he or she must apply for a license. Generally, the fee for acquiring a license is Rs. 1.50 per square feet. The minimum royalty under their pricelists is Rs. 50,000, etc., but one is needed to verify the tariff scheme based on the type of activity carried out at his or her business.


Before obtaining the Music License, you must know all the music rules, and without this license, no one could use the copyright music for their benefit. Also, make sure with the application type before any music license, and the process for obtaining the license is not easy. Thus the decision for hiring professionals would be considered to get a license for music in India.

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