Why Choose Traditional Engraved Tankards

Posted by The Engraved Gifts Company on May 6th, 2015

Tankards are traditional drinking vessels that people from the olden times would use to carry their alcoholic beverages. The traditional design had a cylindrical body with a hinged lid and an ornate finial and thumb piece. A scroll-shaped handle makes the tankard even more character.

Old tankards were sometimes made of pretty unique materials like carved ivory, horn, pottery, and even porcelain. Traditionally, however, they were more commonly made out of precious metals like pewter and silver. Tankards were also used for ceremonial use, but they are a more common sight in bars and pubs.

While they are still very much used in modern bars and pubs, their use today goes far beyond being beer carriers. Many people find them very practical as promotional gifts and memorabilia from different events. These unique gift items are perfect for marking different milestones like weddings, as well as coming of age birthdays and other important occasions. Engraved tankards are also commonly used for corporate gifting, as they serve as classy gift items that can be presented as practical keepsakes.

Tankards nowadays can be found in metal, glass, ceramic, and even crystal form, all of which can easily be engraved on, if you want to make your gift even more special. Birthday, Christmas, and wedding celebrations are only some of the best times to give engraved tankards as presents. Engraved gift stores can provide you with a great range of customisation options to make your gifts unique. Engravings can be in the form of a short message, a limerick, or even a graphic, which makes these kinds of gifts ideal for promotions and corporate gifting as well.

If you want to give a present that a beer lover will definitely appreciate, a specially engraved tankard is a good choice. Today, you will find all kinds of tankards, ranging from drinking tankards to purely ornamental pieces that are great for displaying in collections. Pewter tankards are a great choice if you want something that you can use as home decor or memorabilia. These tankards are simply elegant, with their beautiful silver sheen and antique vibe. Glass and crystal tankards, on the other hand, are the most practical choice if you want a usable gift. Glasses tankards are widely available in different sizes from half pint to a whole pint, or even larger. Engraved tankards are perfect gift choices that will work well regardless of the occasion.

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