Lotto: Innovation and trendy designs that go beyond footwear

Posted by sportscorner on May 8th, 2015

Although Lotto is known for its trendy and technologically unique footwear, most people may not beaware that it does take a similar route when it comes to its clothing line. Lotto, which established itsbusiness in northern Italy, originally debuted in 1973 as a manufacturer of sports footwear, particularlytennis shoes, but sports clothing quickly became its second venture. And Italy became its primary targetmarket. However, Lotto has since expanded its distributorship all over the world, which has made Lottoapparel readily available in Qatar and elsewhere.

What makes Lotto apparel different from the rest? For one, it has technology and innovation written all

over it. Lotto apparel, which includes sports and leisure wear, has quick dry technology that allows the

clothing to dissipate sweat a lot faster to make the wearer feel more comfortable and dry. Lotto also

uses breathable fabrics, as part of their microlight technology, on their apparel to make them more

comfortable without compromising a wearer’s flexibility. So expect Lotto clothing to be composed of

high grade Elastane, cotton, nylon, polyester and even spandex. For athletes, Lotto’s technology can

make a difference in keeping them warm or dry, as they train. It effectively shields them from the

elements as well.

Lotto’s advanced technology is also apparent in their undergarment line, aptly called “Underskinz.” The

garment boasts of the body contour fit technology to assure that it effectively hugs a wearer without

being constricting or being uncomfortable. Underskinz’s Heat Retention technology permits body heat

to be retained or be distributed evenly so a wearer can keep warm in cold weather. At the same time,

Underskinz possesses Moisture Dispersion technology that diffuses sweat and keeps in on the external

part of the clothing, to keep the wearer comfortable.  

 Another aspect that sets Lotto apparel from the rest of the pack is that it prioritizes the fashionable

design of its clothing. Whether it is a minimalist appeal, or the latest trends in apparel. Lotto is sure to

integrate it with its technology. With Lotto, athlete need not dress in a bland way. They can be hip. On

the other hand, leisure clothing can also look and feel sporty for other people.

Lotto’s mix of technology and style is certainly one of a kind. Lotto apparel, as well as shoes, bags and

other accessories are available in Sports Corner stores nationwide.

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