How To Increase Our Lung Capacity In A Simple And Natural Way?

Posted by BrettSchneider on March 21st, 2021

Many people complain that, after having suffered Covid 19, they breathe worse than before the contagion and even months after being recovered and testing negative, they continue to notice that shortness of breath or failure to fill the lungs. How to increase our lung capacity in a simple and natural way?

Although they are somewhat invisible, there are many people who drag the various symptoms months after having undergone this disease. For many of them, their life has changed because it makes it very difficult for them to continue doing their daily actions, moving around, continuing to work, etc.

Oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure treatment is actually extensively utilized through health care specialists as a medicine totally free non invasive approach assisting those along with constant respiratory system ailments. The positive expiratory pressure made by blowing in to the gadget aids broaden respiratory tracts as well as strengthen bronchi ability while the oscillations serves to loosen up and crystal clear mucous and other unhealthy secretions as well as environmental toxic irritants from the airways thus making breathing much easier. The objective is to extend limited air passages and also release and also eliminate mucous. Using AirPhysio Review, it can strengthen lung ability, mucous open space, as well as bronchi development.


For those who are affected much more by breathing, fortunately but, even with the difficulty that the consequences of contracting Covid 19 imply , lung capacity is something that can be trained, and even if it is to suffer less when we have to do an exercise physical as climbing many stairs, it is interesting that we learn to control and improve it.

Physical exercise

One of the most effective things to train our lungs is to practice different kinds of aerobic exercises and combine that with lung expansion exercises such as slow sustained inspirations.

The important thing is that we dedicate a little time to that aerobics every day which, with its changes in rhythm, will contribute to our having to move more or less air; This favors lung elasticity and increases ventilatory capacity, making it easier for the air to reach all corners of the lungs better, so the more movement, the more effective the practice will be.

When doing so, remember to move your arms whenever you can to open the rib cage and improve the condition of the entire musculature system of the thorax.

In addition, with the practice of exercise we stay active and they go very well to be in shape and also to be able to remove bad thoughts from our mind.

How do we drink water?

In addition to practicing sports, there are also other curious and effective exercises that we can introduce into our routine because, only by changing things as simple as the way we drink water, can we strengthen our diaphragm!

When it comes to drinking with a straw that is longer than normal or with a spiral shape, we find a resistance component and that makes us gain muscle tone in the diaphragm. It is actually favorable for you to checkout AirPhysio review to understand the details of this particular product.


Change posture

Another tip to increase our lung capacity in a simple and natural way is to change posture on a regular basis, since it can also help us breathe better. It is explained because by making changes every so often we work on the elasticity of the muscles and joints that are part of the rib cage, and that makes it easier for it to expand.

Focus on the power of our breath

Finally, many experts also agree that only by being aware of our breathing, we can improve it; So for a moment focus on the process of inhaling and exhaling air deeply to stop doing it automatically and focus on taking in as much air as possible.

When the thorax does not expand well, we ventilate a little less and the lungs receive less air, which can favor the accumulation of some pathogens in them. This technique is the one that many people use to meditate or calm down. It is a procedure in which you must be very aware of your breathing, of each step and every second to learn how to do it and improve lung capacity, among others.

As you can see, breathing better can depend on you. Take this into account and exercise your lungs preparing them for winter or for any possible flu!

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