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Posted by articlelink01 on May 8th, 2015

When you think of advertising, brochures are always a good option. They can be distributed easily. They are a good way to reach your target audience especially if it’s spread all over. Finding the right printing service may be a little tasking. The options are there but finding a reputable service is the task at hand. You have to make sure that the company you get to provide brochure printing will do a good job. With Blockbuster Print, you get high definition printing. With the offset printing process, you can be guaranteed of better printed products. Most online printing services use digital processes. This may not always give you the best quality products.

Get everything you need in a brochure

Get brochures printed in full color. When you are advertising goods or services, the graphics will go a long way. You want to make an impression. A colored brochure is a chance to do that. With our experiences on printing brochures, we can guarantee you top class products. Brochures can be semi-gloss or matte. This assures you of excellent surfaces on the brochures. With our attention to detail, you can expect to have flawless products. There are 3 sizes that you can choose from.

The size and the quantity will determine the price. You can take a look at our rates. You can use that to make the final decision. Find the right size that you need. If you want something simple, then you can go for the 8.5”x11”. This is the smallest that we have available. You can make your order easily online. We also have folding paper options that you can look at. We have the Z fold, double parallel, tri fold, roll fold, to mention just a few. You can choose the folding paper depending on how much content you need to include. You can get up to 100,000 brochures printed.

Brochures can be used for pretty much anything. This is why they are so convenient. With your fast services and delivery, you can have them in a matter of a few days. If you have a time schedule to keep to, then we won’t be the reason you fail. You can place your order online after checking all the specifics. This will take you minutes. Our printing services are available 24 hours. With 6 facilities located around America, you can expect timeliness. We make sure that your order goes to the facility that is closest to you. This way the delivery will not take long.

Consider booklets as alternatives

You can also get custom stapled booklets for more comprehensive content. Sometimes brochures are not enough. Booklets provide a good alternative to brochures. Booklets are produced on semi-glossy textbook paper. There are 4 sizes available to pick from. There are also custom sizes for booklets in case you need them. Booklets can be printed from 8 to 52 pages. The printing is done in high quality to ensure excellent products. If you are looking to get booklets printed, then these are the services you need. Get booklets printed in full color with saddle stitched binding.

Get the best quality brochure for your marketing. With high quality printing process, you can be guaranteed of genuine products. Have brochures printed in full color and sturdy paper. You can also get Custom Stapled Booklets printed in full color. Enjoy convenient and affordable services for printing brochures and booklets.

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