Climate Change and the Effect we have on it

Posted by Richard12 on May 8th, 2015

If there is a topic that has generated much talk and would continue to do so for a while, it is climate change. The topic is being spoken about by environmentalists and activists all over the world through all channels possible from using blogs and online articles, to using newspapers. While different opinions and thoughts trail the topics of global warming and climate change, the fact remains that there is a human effect as to the current situation we find ourselves, though some quarters who might be labelled as Climate Change Deniers still argue against the existence of the phenomenon.

A lot of people take the side of the notion that the weather only goes through a natural cycle of being extremely cold or hot at certain periods of the year. It has however been revealed that the ozone layer getting thinner and thus reducing the effectiveness of protecting us and the earth in general from the effect of the heat that comes from the sun comes from what we do and the ones we should be doing and we are not. It should be noted that this results in the melting of the caps of the polar ice and a rise in the water level. Scientists have revealed that a continuous rise in the water level could lead to the world being submerged under water. This is an occurrence nobody wants to witness or even imagine happening, it is therefore important that we consider our actions and inactions and ensure that green house emissions, deforestation, and other such acts that negatively affects the climate and contributes to the case of climate change and global warming are stopped or reduced to the barest minimum.

Having said this, it is worth noting that climate change is not a phenomenon that can be totally reversed. The effects can only be significantly reduced and the damage minimized. The first point of call to achieving a safer environment for humans and other living things is to change the way we live and most especially the way we use the resources given to us by nature. Oil and gas should be widely used in order to reduce to volume of emission and pollution of the air.

Just as mentioned above, deforestation has greatly contributed to climate change and a good way to guard against the severe effects of this phenomenon is to plant as many more trees as possible. This would not only offset carbon emissions, it also goes to give the birds and other animals that find shelter in the trees more room to survive. Landslides and flooding resulting from deforestation are also reduced when more trees are planted.

These are just some of the many ways to help rescue the situation of climate change and global warming and environmentalists and activists are continuously looking for cheap and easy ways to salvage the present situation and ensure the planet is a safer and better place for us all. One of the best ways to help the environment is start a conversation about it and get more people involved with making the world a better place., is a website that allows for people to have that conversation about how they can come together and change the world. Have your voice be heard and start to make a change today by starting a conversation here.

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