Cancer Risks Rise for Obese Women

Posted by Northtexascancer on May 8th, 2015

The National Cancer Institute estimates that approximately 40 percent of all women will develop cancer at some point during their lives. With that figure in mind, taking steps to lower the risks can prove critical. For women who are obese, losing weight and adopting a healthier overall lifestyle can make a difference.

While the link between obesity and certain forms of cancer has long been established, a new study out of the United Kingdom sheds light on just how strong the connection is. Researchers in the UK found that women who are obese have a 40 percent higher risk rate for cancer than women who have thinner physiques.

Obesity has been connected to a number of different cancer types. Some of the forms of this disease losing weight can lower risks for include uterine, esophageal, bowel and kidney. Maintaining a healthy weight can also lower risks for post-menopausal breast cancers, as well.

There are a number of reasons why obesity and a higher cancer risk in women are connected. One of the prime ones, researchers say, is the fact that extra weight can add up to extra hormone production. Hormones such as estrogen are believed to drive cancer development by fueling growth of unhealthy cells.

The British research further strengthens the notion that maintaining recommended weight can deliver tremendous health benefits. Women who are obese can help cut their cancer risks by taking steps to shed the pounds. The best approach is a healthy one that includes a balanced diet and exercise. For those who have trouble losing weight, seeking medical advice can prove rather beneficial.

In addition to weight loss, women who want to cut their cancer risks can take a number of other steps. Adopting an overall healthy lifestyle can help tremendously. Liming alcohol intake and quitting smoking, for example, can also serve to reduce risks for certain types of cancer.

While there’s no guarantee when it comes to cancer, lowering risks can make a difference. Weight loss, if warranted, is a good place to start.

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