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Do you still have pedal pulses to palpate? Worse! Do you still have legs?

                Some people whose legs are amputated that I met in the hospital are diabetic individuals. It started when the sugar level in the blood increases higher than normal. The foot became gangrenous and black. Skin tissues became ugly looking. Functions are deteriorating. I wander for one hour if how do people feel if they have this. Sadness, regrets, hopelessness, and other negative feelings could be. If they don?t want to feel this way, maybe you don?t want to feel this way either. You don?t want to belong to those persons who?re regretting for what they didn?t do from the past. They did not consult to doctor, control their sugar level, eat the right food, exercise regularly or follow treatment regimen. There are different factors that really cause this but this must be generally caused by something. It was totally because of diabetes, the silent destroyer.

The inability of body tissues to utilize glucose (a form of sugar) causing an increase concentration of it in the blood stream is called diabetes. Heredity, obesity, infections, stress, mental strain and anxiety can cause damage to the Beta cells of the pancreas. These Beta cells of the pancreas is the one who is responsible for the production of insulin (a hormone that helps glucose to be utilized by the cell). Decrease level of insulin increases the level of sugar most specifically glucose in the blood. This is called hyperglycaemia. The difficulties being met by persons who suffered from this condition are probably complex. Abnormally large volume of urine that reaches beyond doubling the amount of normal level of urine is one of these. Increased frequency and volume of urine during a day is so disturbing that you have to step your foot every 15 minutes at the comfort room. Other devastating symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst because more than two percent of body fluid loss stimulating the thirst center located in the brain. Other condition is excessive hunger due to cell starvation from glucose. With these three general symptoms of diabetes, we can say that it is best not to have it.

Helpful reminders:

Diabetes treatment should be prescribed by the physician. A thorough compliance and control may prevent long term complications (kidney failure, blindness, limb amputation and cardiovascular disease. Ways of control varies from individual to individual. Balance in food, exercise, medications and positive outlook in life are keys to efficient control but there are different factors that affects some ones ways of control. This may involve food preferences, presence of disability, educational level, mental capacity, religion, lifestyle and personal dedication. All in all, just be good enough.

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