What is an Abandoned Cart Email and why you should send it?

Posted by Stephen on March 22nd, 2021

About 75 percent of people leave their shopping carts online, which means every 3 out of every four people in your eCommerce store adds something to the cart and leaves without paying you.

However, that’s not all the fact because you can have about 10 percent of them come back to buy your goods by setting up a cart recovery email without any hard work. The average rate of opened emails is about 15 and even up to 63 percent of all.

So, are you sending out abandoned cart emails when your visitors quit some of your goods? If you haven’t done this yet, there would be a considerable amount of missed income. If you are a store owner, for sure, you will want to do something about it.

What is an abandoned cart email?

In this way, an abandoned cart email is a subsequent message, which is conveyed to the person who leaves a site without purchasing the products in their online shopping basket. Ordinarily, abandoned cart emails are for the individuals who leave a section route through checkout behind, and store proprietors can recuperate around 10% of lost income by these emails.

The reason can be distinctive because of every client because the activity probably won't be purposeful. For instance, because the site has a technical mistake, or because of the intricacy of the interaction, or because it continues to break. That is the reason an abandoned cart email intends to uncover the abandoned products to the customers and persuade them to finish the interaction.

Types of abandoned cart email templates

Free shipping email template

Walker Sands have done a review and claim that 79% of US buyers anticipate that free shipping should be incorporated while shopping online. Thus, there would be numerous individuals who leave a cart on the off chance that they don't get the 'free delivery' offer in their orders.

The chance for you here is to make an abandoned cart recuperation email that centers around 'free delivery', actually like Huckberry did when that put a major, striking feature does the work. That is it!. Play yourself as the perusers' job, they will just see the feature, code, and the CTA. You can utilize this format when the transportation can be given free to every individual who leaves a cart yet every eCommerce store can't do likewise, or when you need to just utilize this delivery strategy to chose individuals.

Grab the offer email template

Close to free delivery, what clients like the most are limits. So for what reason don't we gain by it? Simply take a gander at how Saatchi Art has done it when they can get what a buyer requests. Klaviyo has put the $-based limits perform better with the most noteworthy ROI contrasted with rate-based limits. Decent work!

The final countdown email template

When there is scarcely any time left for the customer to go with your Shopify cart relinquishment recuperation measure, this format would be ideal for it. In the model beneath, the email from Grammarly says "Just 2 Days Left!". In any case, will this make people energized or emerge their consideration in an individual perusing the email?

I expect it should be viewed as more because the time is static on the off chance that we add just a number. The FOMO strategy will work better on the off chance that we incorporate the check ticking in the commencement clock like in the accompanying abandoned cart email. At the point when shoppers see the time expiring, they will probably act promptly and surprisingly quicker than expected.

Check these email templates out

In this abandoned cart recovery email template, the phrase ‘check these out’ will personalize the recommendations to make the customer shop for more. You will put the recommended products under the category of cross-selling or upselling.

With this abandoned cart recovery email template, you will put the recommendations with other picks for the customer to ensure that the sale happens. You can utilize this template in three ways to suggest:

  • As an alternative solution to the item in the cart
  • As a complementary product (cross-sell)
  • As a bundled purchase together with other items (upsell)

Why you should send abandoned cart emails?

Is it true that you are pondering about the genuine advantage of setting abandoned cart emails? Indeed, as you can see there was a brain desensitizing 75% of customers that surrender their carts, which costs online retailers around 260 billion dollars in lost income yearly.

However, the thing is, there is around 75 percent of people who leave their carts usually plan to come back, that’s why we should send the abandoned cart emails to jog their memory. Here is the abandoned cart statistics:

  • 45% of all cart abandonment emails are opened
  • 21% of all cart abandonment emails are clicked
  • 50% of those clicks lead to a recovered purchase back on site

Thus, one of the key strategies is to consider customers to manage their abandoned cart that is the abandoned cart email strategy. Up to 80% of retailers neglect to take measures to manage "nearly" customers. Subsequently, sending an abandoned cart email can be your edge to make a stride ahead in the opposition. Do you realize what are the emails expected to resemble? If not, you will begin sorting it out!

Final thoughts

Above is the answer for What is an Abandoned Cart Email and Why you should send it. Hope it helps you out!

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