Airless paint sprayer suitable for spraying type of paint

Posted by luxi on March 22nd, 2021

The coating process of the product surface is to determine the final quality of the product, as well as the price and grade of the product. Therefore, when the constructors perform surface coating work, they will use an airless paint sprayer to spray the product.

For the type of paint often used in this equipment, the red paint is usually iron oxide red, that is, construction workers usually call it "iron-red" paint. As for the iron-red paint sprayed by the constructors, we can also divide it into two types: natural and synthetic. If iron red is used for airless paint sprayer spraying on household walls, it can have good hiding power and can cover ugly defects on the wall surface.

At the same time, the red iron-red paint also has good coloring ability, and the alkali resistance and light resistance in special functions are also high. In addition, among the coating types commonly used by airless paint sprayers, this type of coating is very suitable for spraying operations on the interior and exterior walls of houses. However, when construction workers spray such coatings to decorate the walls of houses, the walls will not have a high brightness of the coating. If it is used as a coating for the red frame of the roof and exterior walls of a house, it can play a good role in personal decoration.

Among the commonly used paint types, blue paint is usually used in two colors, phthalocyanine blue and ultramarine blue. Among them, the phthalocyanine blue coating can make the house walls sprayed by the airless paint sprayer have good heat resistance and light resistance. At the same time, its hiding power is comparable to the red series. For the ultramarine series in the blue series, it is usually used as a translucent coating. Such a coating has good alkali-resistance and weather resistance; however, the covering power of this hue paint is slightly inferior to the above-mentioned several colors of paint, and it is not suitable for spraying on the wall surface at home.

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