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Food and Tolerance Testing, What Does the Science Say?

Posted by adortalukdar on May 10th, 2015

A man can be allergic to practically anything. The source of the allergy can be drug, insects, environment and even food. Yes, it is possible to be allergic to certain foods. Not all individuals taking a particular drug can become allergic to that drug. The same thing rings true for food; not all individuals taking the particular food can become allergic to the food. Individuals vary in their rate of sensitivity. While some are very sensitive, others are not that sensitive. What normally prompt such sensitivity? Some individual have certain genes that act antagonistically against the particles of the food and recognize the food particles as foreign agents. Once the food particles come in contact with the indigenous genes, the genes produce antibody that binds with the food and this produce the allergic reactions, which is sometimes referred to as anaphylaxis.

What is food tolerance test about?

The purpose of food intolerance is to find out the possibility of human developing allergic reactions to a particular type of food. This test seeks to find out about specific proteins or substances in the food that can cause allergic reaction in human when such food is consumed. There are some food types that are classified clinically as being allergic and there are some other foods that may cause allergic reaction without any prior classification or indication.  With the help of food tolerance test, the individual will be able to avoid completely any harm that the allergic reaction can cause. Aside this, the individual will also be able to avoid the consequences and complications of such allergic reactions.

Consult your doctor

Many foods can actually cause anaphylactic reactions when consumed. Unfortunately, many of such foods are consumed without prior food intolerance test. It is somewhat more difficult to prevent food allergy, but consulting your doctor before consuming certain food can go a long way in preventing such food allergies. If you have ever had food allergies when you consumed any particular type of food, it is very important to avoid such food and consult your doctor in that regard. Things need to be taken very carefully, considering the fact that food allergies are sometimes life-threatening.

For more information on food tolerance test and how to prevent food allergies, you can consult Wellness Inst. Amer. They will provide you with food-related information that will prove invaluable.

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