How to acquire and manage contacts effectively via Email Marketing automation?

Posted by Pratham Israni on March 22nd, 2021

With an array of communication channels treading down every other day, alongside the increasing trends revolving the social media, marketing has found newer and creative ways to reach potential customers. But amidst the newer platforms' hues, email marketing still proudly stands as one of the most cost-effective methods to reach out to the users, inform them about the brands, and engage them. 

This post is particularly about email marketing, providing all the titbits to help you make the best use of email marketing. We will cover topics like:

  • How is email automation effective for B2B?
  • How can you manage email contacts easily and effectively?
  • What strategies do you need to acquire new customers through inbound marketing and content marketing?

There is no room left for debate about the advantages that email marketing brings along. From increasing the website traffic to benefiting one with ROI improvements, email marketing is an essential part and parcel of marketing. Thus, no matter what peeps up, the email market's importance has minimal chance to dwindle. The world is witnessing a great increase in the ratio of people utilization email for communicating, with no chance of getting reduced shortly.

What is email marketing? Why should you automate it?

Email is a simple medium of communication on a surface level, something every layman knows how to use. But when you walk into email marketing/ bulk mailing service, there comes up several aspects to focus on:

  1. Brands use email marketing to reach a mass audience.
  2. There is a specified set of goals behind each email marketing campaign.
  3. It is a cost-effective method of promoting what your brand offers.

Thus, to reach out to each distinct set of goals, there exist several tools that one can opt for. Consider newsletter – a simple tool that comes to aid when marketers want to update the potential customers about various company activities periodically. This helps in achieving user loyalty while also working on creating a brand reputation. The newsletters are effective because they pave the way for content marketing, accelerating user engagement. In the current scenario, the inclusion of video content has resulted in a greater escalation of the click-through-rate, owing to its amazing capacity to reveal any message appealingly and attractively. Most importantly, when it comes to videos, people are more inclined to open the email than when there is plain text attached. Thus, there is an enhancement in the open-rate, along with a decrease in the cost per lead. 

Digital Email Marketing, on the other hand, is intricately linked to the purpose of advertisements and promotions. They are usually carried out on a specified and target set of customers. DEM dwells on the single goal of persuading a customer to make a purchase. Thus, they contain a targeted promotional content to work towards increasing the conversion rates. 

Each email marketing campaign demands time, effort, and resources, and this is where automation tools come at the help. In the case of B2B, to not be deemed intrusive, the estimated number of emails you should send each month should not exceed eight. 

Email marketing automation:

In simple terms, email marketing automation refers to incorporating the assistance of the automation tools to carry out that email marketing campaigns effectively. These tools go through the user data and manage the emails accordingly.

This gives the room to the marketers to personalize the email contents as much as possible, which acts as a catalyst for a successful email marketing campaign. Further, email automation helps optimize time and budget, improve communication, and segment audiences on various parameters.

Benefits of email automation for B2B

Considering the time, budget, and personalization-related advantages, automated email marketing invites multiple other important benefits.The most prominent automation usage is its effective management of large databases and contact lists, which it first collects and examines and then allows the marketers to pull up targeted contents for each category of end-receivers. This is helpful in connecting with the targeted audience, establishing a better communication system, and sending emails to the recipient's niche of interest, thus curating the latter's interest. The result that follows is an increment in the CTR, open rates, and conversion rates. 

The recent trend of personalizing has affected the genre of email marketing positively. Personalized messages have greater chances of being appreciated by the recipient, and thus they become popular with each passing day. Automation helps you send personalized emails to everyone on your email list, thus saving time. However, our focus should be to put the customer at the center of the communication systems and form a long-lasting relationship with the customers, which is why humanizing automation arises. However, behind the success rate, there lies a problem that most companies face while adapting automation tools – data integration. To merge different sources of information and the available marketing platforms is not easy to deal with. This has increased the demand for software and tools that effectively conjoins CRM and automation, helping companies go ahead with personalized communication. 

Email Addresses: How to collect new contacts for email marketing in B2B?

Subscribes and unsubscribes are part and parcels of the email contact list, which results in the constant evolution of the list. Reducing the unsubscribe rate is, thus, an important aspect to focus on, alongside lead generation. More to mention, expanding the mailing list by securing newer contacts is a vital step for marketing. 

You can begin meeting new prospects by attending conferences, events, and trade shows. This is a good way to procure contacts through offline mode. You can attend online conferences, as well, since the recent period has witnessed an overwhelming increase in this part. However, there are several online methods for you to gather new leads, such as:

  • Attaching a newsletter subscription form on the official website of the company.
  • Sponsoring content requires users to put in their data for procuring the content, which can give you access to the data. 
  • Place forms in your social media posts' landing pages to download content or sign up for some event. 

There is the automatic activation of workflow immediately after you get access to a new contact. Thus, a string of personalized messages reaches the targeted individual, which works to persuade him/her to turn to a customer from a mere prospect. Thanks to automation, this whole process of personalization and conversion would have been too hectic to handle without it. Marketing automation even helps to set the appropriate time to send a message to the targeted prospects. A strategic method to carry out an email marketing campaign, taking the automation tools' help, can, thus, work wonders in B2B. If you have a huge email requirement then it can be served through dedicated smtp server provider, for services related to that you should definitely checkout Digitalaka, best email marketing services provider.

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