Social Media Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Posted by pkaizen on March 22nd, 2021

Social media is one of the pillars upon which a digital marketing campaign stands. To say it's important would be an understatement. It could pretty much be a deciding factor in regards to your business’ online marketing success. So, take it seriously!

If you’ve already been doing social media for your business, but somehow, it’s not working out, you might be making some mistakes. Before you start searching for a good social media marketing company in Pune, India there are some social media mistakes you can avoid and get your social media campaign on track. 

Unplanned Posting

This is probably the first mistake everyone makes. Those days of simply posting and getting ‘Like’ & ‘Shares’ are long gone. Today, you need to carefully plan out your posting activities. You need to plan and strategize each post, create a theme, maybe even a design template and make posts that represent your business and connect with the audience. 

No Defined Target Audience

Most people have this wrong approach of creating posts that everyone can relate to. This is okay when your brand has a wider bracket for target audience. But if you have a specific target audience, you need to create social media campaigns targeting them. Remember, your social media activities should also have a positive impact on your bottom line and increase sales. Every social media agency in Pune, India will tell you social media should also be aimed at making sales.

Poor Use of Hashtags

The right hashtag can ensure your brand’s tweet or post is seen by thousands. But the double-edged sword here is that your mistake can also be seen by thousands. So, be careful of what hashtag you use. Many brands have made the mistake of using hashtags for serious topics like domestic abuse or racism for making jokes. Understand the meaning behind every hashtag and only then post using it. Social media marketing agencies in Pune, India actually have dedicated professionals just for researching hashtags.

Not Engaging in the Comment Section

Go on to social media and you’ll find many posts of brands that have comments and enquiries in the comment but no engagement. Don’t do this. Social media is one of the best places to engage your customers. Solve their queries or even just a polite reply in the comment section can do wonders for your social media pages. Even social media platforms like Facebook keep track of pages that promptly reply to messages and comments.

Deleting Negative Reviews & Comments

Sometimes, a brand may indulge in deleting negative reviews and comments. This is a big no-no. If you are having trouble assuaging a customer’s complaints in the comment, you can always hire a social media marketing agency in Pune, India to handle it, but don’t make the mistake of deleting or banning customers from your page. It will make your brand look bad, and such things spread like wildfire on social media.

Boring, Generic Posting

Social media is a place of fun and entertainment, so make sure your posts also capture these elements. Yes, your posts have to be relevant to your business and industry, but that does not mean you make boring posts about it. Attractive designs, clever copy, and trendy, topical hashtags can make your post really entertaining.

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