Rumors about the PMP Online training which you should never follow

Posted by EducationEdge on March 22nd, 2021

Everyone is aware of the fact that project managers are the most successful persons in today's world. The reason behind their success is that they present some of the best projects. After presenting them they get the best market recognition and a very nice brand value.

But when we talk about today the majority of the project managers opt for the PMP Online training course. Although it is not necessary they do it to enhance their knowledge. This knowledge helps them in their day-to-day fieldwork and also in many other activities.

But nowadays we can see that there are many rumors about the PMP Online training course. These rumors are becoming people's mindset and they are paying too much attention to them. Therefore, rather than taking them seriously, you should always avoid them.

  • This course is not beneficial- This rumor will affect those persons who do not know anything about this course. Therefore, it is better to first opt for this course and then come to a certain point of view. So all we can say is that this statement is baseless and it does not have any proper validity.
  • It does not cover the important areas- The moment you take up this course you will see that it covers all the important areas of project management. There is no point in taking this statement seriously and it is valueless. You will see that the PMI-ACP exam prep course certified project managers do not believe this rumor.
  • Most of the time it gets negative feedbacks- Just visit an official website of PMP and you will see that it has got most of the positive feedback. This feedbacks are given by the alumni and many other people. Therefore, whenever you hear it just turn it a deaf ear and never bother about it anymore.
  • You would not get any discount- If this statement would have been told earlier then it was believable. But today it is false because you will see that nowadays most of the package of this course comes with a discounted rate. There is no such person who thinks that it is true and can help them in many ways.
  • There is nothing special about it- Day by day students get to learn some special things from this course. These special things are used in the later period and you can use them in a certain way. In the beginning, you may think that it is a true statement but afterward you will definitely understand its value.
  • 60% is the pass mark- There was a time when 60% was a pass mark and you had to set a target for it. But nowadays the passing mark is below 60% which can be 40 or above that mark. So do not make it a mindset and have a fresh point of view.
  • You can have a growth in your salary- It is not necessary that the salary growth will always be there. In a certain sector, there can be various growths but this thing only depends on your work. Therefore, you should not think that this is the one and only statement.
  • Auditing does not take place- Auditing for a PMP Online training course is always necessary and without this thing, nothing would be possible. So remember this thing and never even think of taking this statement seriously. It can lead you to major problems and you cannot find any solutions.

Therefore, there are some rumors about the online PMP training which you should never follow. Today if you take them seriously then tomorrow it can become troublesome.

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