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There are 2 kinds of individuals in this world: those who have actually beaten a Dark Souls game, and those who have not. These video games by FromSoftware rank notoriously high on problem, often squashing gamers with an atmosphere as oppressive as its employers. Yet, for each death, there's always a reason to keep trying once again, no matter how futile it may appear. For whenever you want to "git gud," Hidetaka Miyazaki's games always challenge you to return up more powerful than in the past.

This cyclical nature of dying, reanimating, and attempting once again completely captures the narrative of Dark Souls A few of you might be asking, "Wait, there's a story to all this?" Yeah, there is, and it's an abundant, complex one that's concealed underneath layers of subtext and literal text. So for some, beating these games is as much about story as it is about gameplay.

If you have an interest in the deep tradition of Dark Souls, we've got a fast primer to help you get going. It's worth noting that time is quite ambiguous in this universe, specifically toward completion. Nonetheless, we'll hit the major points across all three Dark Souls games.

A lot of occasions take place prior to you even touch the controller in Dark Souls Ages before you escape the Undead Asylum, there was nothing but fog. No one lived, no one passed away. Only dragons existed, eternally monitoring everything. This age was called the Age of the Ancients.

nderground, a wonderful fire, called the First Flame, suddenly stimulated, attracting many humanoid creatures. This famous Flame produced the dichotomies between light and dark, and life and death. Essentially, it put time in motion. Three animals went into the Flame and claimed a Lord Soul. Gwyn took the Lord Soul of Light, while the Witch of Izalith took the Soul of Life. Nito claimed the Soul of Death. This gave them great power, turning them into living gods.

Meanwhile, the Furtive Pygmy discovered the Dark Soul, which offered Hollows with a precious thing called Mankind. Therefore, people were born unto this world, but their power paled in comparison to the 3 Lords.With this newfound power, the three Lords waged war versus the dragons above ground so they could claim the surface. Regrettably, these dragons were not able to be killed by normal methods. One dragon, Seath the Scaleless, betrayed his kind because, as you 'd think from his name, he was born without scales.

He reveals to the Lords that dragons are never-ceasing as long as they have their stone scales. Nevertheless, the harmful power of lightning might strip them of their defenses. So Gwyn harnessed some lightning bolts, opening the course for the other 2 Lords to protect triumph.

Nito released the pester of death upon the susceptible dragons. Meanwhile, the Witch of Izalith burned their houses, so they would have no place to run. This series of occasions wiped out almost all the dragons in the world, leaving only weaker imitators, like drakes and wyverns. The only real dragon remaining was Seath. Therefore, the Lords relocated to the surface area, claiming it on their own.

With the Lords in control of the world, the the Age of Fire begins. Consider it a golden era, where everything flourished. Gwyn construct Anor Londo, his capital, atop a mountain so it could be closer to the sun. Nito took over the underground catacombs, spreading the idea of death from below, while the Witch of Izalith studied fire. This caused the Pyromancy capabilities we see in the Dark Souls games.Additionally, Seath sat easily in this brand-new kingdom. For his services to the Lords, Gwyn bestowed dark souls 3 meme upon him the status of royalty. Seath was likewise supplied a laboratory for him to conduct experiments on animals, all in an effort to understand immortality. These frequently inhumane experiments angered some individuals in Anor Londo.

Havel the Rock, a faithful knight under Gwyn's reign, took umbrage against Seath's experiments. He started collecting a group to take Seath down, however Gwyn disapproved. The ruler eventually locked his good friend away, dooming him to turn Hollow and freak. Unfortunately, those experiments triggered Seath to go nuts too, although he eventually opens the secret to immortality-- sort of.

In this universe, a little town called Oolacile sits atop the Void. This Abyss can be referred to as the darkness discovered within all mankind, and it might threaten to off the First Flame if left unattended. There's also Kaathe, the prehistoric serpent who often shows his desire to see the Age of Fire end. He encourages the people of Oolacile to go into the Abyss and collect the tomb of Manus, the primitive man. The creature goes wild when he's awakened, triggering his Mankind to spiral out of control. This occasion worsens the development of the Abyss.

In order to stop the Abyss, Gwyn sends his relied on knight Artorias to Oolacile. With his wolf pup Sif, Artorias confronts Manus however loses. It's at this point that Manus searches for his valued pendant across time and area, finding it in the future. He pulls the pendant to him, together with the Chosen Undead (that's your character in Dark Souls). The Chosen Undead puts an end to Manus, conserving the world from the Abyss while safeguarding Sif.

The first flame diminishes, setting up the start of the story - Dark Souls.

Dark Souls Gwyn enjoys his success for some time, but all good ideas should come to an end. The First Flame starts to fade. The Lords panic over this stunning development, as the Flame has actually been the source of their power because the Age of Fire started.

The Witch of Izalith tries to recreate the Flame based upon all her research studies. Eventually, she fails, and this corrupted fire consumes her soul, turning her into the Bed of Chaos. This event produces the Flame of Chaos, which generates the multitude of demons that pester the land.

As a desperate effort, Gwyn sacrifices himself to the Flame, using his soul to rekindle the fire. This works, extending the life of the Flame as long as he sits within it. He becomes the very first Lord of Cinder, an animal who has enough power to sacrifice itself to revive the Flame.

Ending up being a Lord of Cinder is only a short-term option, delaying the inevitable darkness. Additionally, by reviving the Flame, he has cursed humanity with immortality. Undead people constantly return, however the more they pass away, the more they end up being Hollow.

The Chosen Undead is our entrance into the story - Dark Souls.

Dark Soulselieve it or not, we've lastly reached the events that you in fact play through in Dark Souls (aside from that little detour with Manus). The Chosen Undead awakens, and they're implied to satisfy the prediction of rekindling the Flame. They strive to collect enough power to compromise themselves and become a Lord of Cinder, a minimum of according to prediction.

To do so, they have to reach the Kiln of the First Flame. To open that path, the Chosen Undead requires to collect the Lordvessel and the fragments of Gwyn's soul (to put it simply, particular bosses). They sacrifice these fragments to the Lordvessel, which offers access to the Kiln.

Within this Kiln, they discover the cindered husk of Gwyn. It attacks, serving as the last employer in Dark Souls. After defeating it, you're given an option. You can rekindle the Flame, as the prediction intended, or you can let it pass away. If you choose the latter, the Chosen Undead end up being a Dark Lord, and an entire host of prehistoric serpents-- including Kaathe-- worship them for ushering in the Age of Dark.

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