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Deliciouslingeries.comGuide language: in a marriage, many women feel that his sacrifice and pay too much, but get too little, however, if really do self-reflection, we will find again, sacrificed a lot women do, pay a lot, but not so correct ways are often even contrary to human nature.As a result, failed marriage is imperative.So, if you want to have a happy marriage, the woman must not stupid enough to make the following 9, marriage!

1, my man in

In today's fear of marriage family, the man the majority.While men are afraid of marriage, is not only a economic problem, more important is to want to lose freedom, this is the man in the face of marriage at the root of the panic.And those most married women not to do a foolish thing first, is deprived of the freedom of man.Such as hinder him with dresses cheap those evil friends drink, such as all day long staring at his phone suspicious, then, the man's purse ransacked, don't even give a money to buy a smoke to drink stay.Let you naturally have to travel the world to read, to conquer the world as the ultimate goal of man, what about me?Said serious point, you this is not to let a man loses his freedom, but rather let him completely without dignity.

2, discrimination against members of his family, in the hope that he and his family less

Some women really ridiculous, can love to desperate to him, what are willing to for him to do, still don't like him and his family, and even discrimination against members of his family.But you have ever think, without his parents, he how can have you?His parents is bad, after all he was born to raise him.Don't think men married you, he is yours.He not only belongs to you, also belong to his parents, his brothers and sisters.Good than you is not only his wife, also is the daughter of your parents, brothers and sisters sister or your sister is the same reason.Love him, comfort to accept his family, his parents do when their parents think, at least also want to do it politely.

3, master the economic power that money in the hand is to control the man

Maybe, what do you think of mastery of the economic power in the family, you have money in your hand, you have a sense of security, can well control man's behavior.Actually, the man happy to shopkeeper of cutting, not because he doesn't like money, but he is enough to trust you, love you think it is a kind of expression.You don't naively thought that as long as no money in his hand, he can't run amok.Want to know, men want to hide some money, that's easy.Even if he really had no money, if he is determined to run away from home, also can always want to leave you.So, appropriately loose your hand line, otherwise cause his disgust things small, angry he played missing don't come back but thed loss outweights the gain.

4, snooping on the man's privacy, hope the man is pure hollow man

Anyway, I'm don't have any interest about hollow man.How do you want to ah, I haven't, just glance through the side of celebrity clothing the man, what mean?After five years of marriage, life began to enter Bland or boring, but the man of a little privacy has long been you see through, you said your decades of life, true to say how boring is boring.What's more, you also have their own secret, don't want to let him know.So, let he also give us some privacy, even if you knew him the privacy, don't go to debunk.Each other to each other leave some mystery, marriage also have little meaning.Frequently ask you do all day, and he really seeing anyone, who is that strange phone number, has been to push man to the corner, have to ask the child ugly Yin bases, to not, let your man, like a prisoner, you think fun?Don't forget, some men cheat is forced out by women.

 5, the man as a great trees, marry a man you can everything is all right

Don't know is that the world is changing fast, or the real because live too tired, today's woman, looks like all are hope to marry a rich husband, to live a clothing to hand, foot, sit out a car, home someone to accompany the life.So, don't have to go out, for the sake of a few cents and selling vegetables lady bargaining.Only, not every man can be a Mr Li, you are not worthy to do a man's wife like Mr Li!!!What more, in the present society of pressure is quite big, men also difficult, also tired, so the man also hopes to economic independence, women can at least be appropriately money, or even your clothes are of their own money to buy all right!Of course, you will say to marry marry han han dress for dinner, this is true, but you take a man as great trees, confided his whole life to a man, let a man for you for a lifetime, but you just do, seems a little too much cough up!

Moreover, with the passing of youth, not independent woman can make man sexual interest, the probability of lost pet is becoming more and more celebrity prom dresses big.Maybe you would like to enjoy his spoil when I was younger, aged color declines becomes about when it?Don't complain again, a woman, in fact the real magic show is in after 30 years of age, and the charm of the main nutrients, is independent, economic independence, which in turn is the spiritual independence.

6, and when the man spoil children

Women's mothering is born, and particularly prone to flooding to love.Lead to a lot of women think that as long as a man to spoil children, he would have to stay at your side to accompany you to the end of time.But is that occasionally dotes on is a kind of enjoyment, in the long run, a man's dignity will be you to strip, until completely lost.And on the balance of marriage, men and women are equal and mutual benefit, you can count on a childlike man will maintain good marriage with you, give you want happiness?What's more, a man's wife, rather than a mother.


 7, can't hold their lips, let nagging overrun

It is said that in one of the most disgust man woman shortcomings of marriage, is nagging, and this is the consensus of all the men all over the world.So, no matter how upset you are, you need to talk how much heart, how much injustice Need to vent to him, don't let yourself become like twitter, take the woman husband when anger trash can.If you really want to get his comfort, just learn to use your tears, tears is the most powerful weapon in uniform man, when, you also don't cry all day long endless to annoy him!

8, pressed a few times every day, you love yourself

Men are visual animals, women are hearing animals.So men like to see beauty, women like to hear a man say "I love you", in order to safeguard their inner sense of security.However, if the force male person every day, do you love me or not, how much you love me, maybe in the end will let a man be defeated and flee.Actually the best thing to do, is always keep his own personality and independent spirits, even if he can't say I love you, also absolutely keep you, grow old along with you, give you a stable marriage life!

9, is a hardback, turns into a paperback at home

For a man, a woman's body is the most attractive weapon.However, today's women seem to be putting the cart before the horse, dress up oneself every day, let oneself become others' eyes hardcover, once back to the house, and no longer armed to the teeth, the home of a man for your body and face everything in a glance, but should be a more common paperback.Would rather let outsiders appreciate your graceful posture and graceful makeup look, also don't like at home in the hardcover for husband become a people to enjoy.Also is called the outside that is no way, in order to give people a good impression, but his house thoroughly relax is right.In fact, the idea is woman's biggest mistake area, you again outside graceful, drawing is a stunning and meaningless recency, somebody else's seen, heard, has in the past.Who will remember your makeup and graceful posture at the moment of jing?But at home, you drew is his own man for your appreciation and deep-rooted passion!Sometimes, chen2 shi4 mei3 not don't want to be a rare good man, just a woman in front of their own men, dressed with on the streets selling vegetables and the elder sister of the sell snacks, nature also will push the good man to another woman's arms.

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