Mexican political system

Posted by Hussein Birk on March 22nd, 2021

For those who still have no idea it, the Mexican political system is one that is made up of several institutions and norms that will define how the public power in charge of governing in the country is constituted. Furthermore, it is also one that has the possibility of having the ability to distribute it and have it exercised within each one of the organs of the Mexican nation. In the same way, the Mexican political system can be translated into the manner in which the population relates to each of the competent authorities with regards to establishing the various mechanisms for citizen participation, together with each one of the civil rights which have the inhabitants of Mexico with respect to public power. Characteristics of the Mexican political system Within the united states, the Mexican political system has a group of norms and laws that are in hierarchical order, where in fact the political Constitution of the United Mexican States is in charge of defining five legal orders, which are: The constitutional, federal, State, Municipal and Mexico City. Mejor calidad de vida en la Cdmx It is important to recognize that the Mexican political system has citizen power as its main actor, since this is actually the one responsible for keeping active each of the rulers who are focused on defending and exercising each one of the fundamental freedoms and rights. , in addition to the fact that they are responsible for fulfilling each one of the obligations they have with the citizens of Mexico. The Mexican political system establishes within the Federal Constitution that this supreme power is divided into three forms of powers, which will be the Executive Power, the Legislative Power and the Judicial Power . Each of them works with its own political autonomy and may complement each other to assure: The judicial protection of individual guarantees The guarantee of civil and political liberties The defense of national sovereignty The health of foreign policy The prosecution of federal crimes The making of paper money The political party ELIGE joins the Mexican political system Within the Mexican political system we are able to find a band of members which are: The Chamber of Deputies, the Chamber of Senators, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, Federalism, Pluralism, the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Democracy and political parties, where in fact the latter enters ELIGE . The ELIGE (Equity, Freedom and Gender) party decides to enter the Mexican political system on September 4, 2020 after registering with the IECM with more than 42 members, being the first political party in Mexico City . Furthermore, it will be in charge of searching for a totally viable alternative in order that the society of Mexico City can have a notable development and improvement prior to the great problems and challenges that must definitely be faced. ELIGE's mission within the Mexican political system is to represent the city of Mexico City to combat poverty, social inequity and all sorts of discrimination or abuse that they may suffer. In addition to this, promoting for each of the inhabitants of Mexico City the right to opportunities also to have a good standard of living within the country.

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