Why The Water Is Based Polyurethane In The Market?

Posted by articlelink01 on May 12th, 2015

Water based polyurethane is a very important product that is sold in the market. This is because of the effects that it has on the cork floors. Many people are now turning to the use of the cork flooring making it to be used more and more. It prevents the floor from being damaged by water. This is because the cork tiles are made from wood which gets damaged by water if poured on it. This helps people who like to use the cork flooring in their kitchen to use it freely without worrying that it will be damaged when water pours on the floor.

How to clean cork floors in different ways

Cleaning of floors vary depending on the material that has been used. There are those floors that need special care for them to be cleaned this is to prevent them from being damaged. There are some detergents and soaps that corrode the floor when used. One need to get the instructions of maintaining and cleaning the floor when one is purchasing the tiles. The best thing about the cork floors is that they cannot stain when cleaned in the right way. There are chemicals that cannot be used when cleaning these types of floors.

The presence of the polyurethane in the cork floors helps one to use water which will not damage the floor.  One can use a dry mop or wet it a little bit but wet mopping should not be done regularly as it can cut short the durability of the tiles. There are other methods that are used in cleaning the floor. Vinegar is mixed with water when one is using the natural cleaning method. This helps even the stubborn stains that are caused by the grease to be removed easily. When mopping with water one should dry the floor to avoid water to be left on the floor after the cleaning has been made. Electricity cleaning method is also applied when one is dry mopping. This is by the use of a microfiber material for the cleaning to be done.

The best way that all people are advised to use is by sweeping the floor. This will help one remove the dust easily keeping the floor to be clean always without harboring any bacteria and fungi on the floor. This is done regularly but using a wet mop is also advisable to remove the dust that can remain after the sweeping is done. The soaps and detergents that are used in cleaning the cork floors should be the ones that have the pH neutral cleaner for hard woods floors so that one cannot damage the floors.

Why learn how to clean the cork floors?

Instructions on the cleaning process are very important. This helps the individual to know how best the floor is to be maintained through the cleaning process. There are materials that people use to clean the floor that are not applicable to all types of floor. This also helps the seller to avoid getting many complaints from the clients after the floor has been damaged through the wrong way of cleaning of the floor.

 It is good to learn all the methods that are used in the https://cancork.com/blog/how-to-clean-cork-floors/  how to clean cork floors so that one can know what is required from him or her in maintaining the tiles. One will be able to come up with the one that will suit him or her. The many methods give a client a wide variety of https://cancork.com/water-based-polyurethane.html Water based polyurethane to choose from without any restrictions.

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