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Posted by joelpenton on May 12th, 2015

 Is there a concrete set of rules or standards that makes a public speaker more inspiring or simply better than the next one? This is a common dilemma many event organizers, especially youth assembly planners have, as they strive to give the best program for their young and impressionable audience. Good public speaking is quite easy to learn and manage, but inspirational speaking is something that comes from within. What you want for your next youth or student assembly is a speaker who can truly inspire and motivate your students by showing true passion and pulling from real experiences that your audience can relate to.

You can scour the web and find numerous motivational speakers aspiring to be the next Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and most of them do a fine job at inspiring their audience to be better. As you search for the most ideal speaker to inspire and motivate your students, look for the following qualities and traits to make sure that your students are hearing from the best:

•    Awareness – A speaker must be completely aware of his surroundings, not only physically but socially and emotionally. Awareness of one's surroundings dictates how he should behave and act, and a speaker who chooses his actions carefully as he adjusts his approach to match the needs and disposition of audiences has the mark of an excellent, compassionate, and thus, inspirational speaker.
•    Empathy – Empathy is another important quality to look for in a motivational speaker. Choose a speaker who knows to get the perspective of the audience and seeks to serve their aims and needs instead of spoon-feeding them principles. Empathic speakers are speakers who receive utmost respect and attention from audiences.
•    Freshness – Choose a speaker that exudes freshness and has a zing to his talks. You want a speaker who is unique, memorable, and spontaneous, especially when dealing with a young audience with very short attention spans.
•    Wisdom – Find a speaker that is not only smart, but more importantly wise in judging what kind of message he should let out at the right time.
•    Fearlessness – Choose a speaker who is fearless in calling out sensitive issues and topics that are relevant to the audience.
•    Authenticity – Finally, choose a speaker who is authentic and shows true passion in what he is saying. Authenticity comes from vulnerability and relating to the audience's humanity as well as his (the speaker's).

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