A Short guide to Color Matching

Posted by aaarents on May 12th, 2015

When planning a party, everyone wants to make sure guests are impressed when they walk in. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure all the colors used compliment each other well and are aesthetically pleasing together to the eye. You'd be surprised by the difference this attention to detail makes!

The first step of the color matching process is to choose the main color. A dominant color is the starting color which will be used as a reference for all future colors. This is like the basis which the total design will stand on.

Sourcing the dominant color can be challenging so look toward the theme for the event. Use logos or connotations that might reference certain colors. The setting might be in a forest town, so a forest green would be a good choice. Look at the venue. Any sort of inspiration is a great way to choose that first color.

Now, the real color matching happens. Most of modern color theory is based on classic color theory. The color wheel which most people have run into still works today. Using the color wheel, you can draw an equilateral triangle starting from the main color. This will show two other colors which are primaries.

Often, primary colors are seen as simple. If the design of the event is simple, using the other primary colors may be a good option. However, if some extra sophistication is needed, look at these options.

A complementary color is the color directly across from the main choice. Using the complementary color, you a designer can find the split complementary matching colors. These colors are next to the complement. This look like an isosceles triangle when drawn out.

Analogous color schemes use the colors next to the main colors. This can be attractive because it keeps the colors on the same side of the warmth spectrum. Cold colors like blue will be matched with equally cold colors, while warms like orange will be match with other warms.

Many geometric shapes can be drawn across the color wheel to come up with schemes.

Explore new options and discover what works best for the party.

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