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Posted by AllmaJess on May 13th, 2015

Heating can be a challenge for many companies that operate in cold weather conditions or that look for reduced heating costs. But everything has a solution, and in this case, the best heating equipment is represented by turbines and combustion chambers that provide flameless heat.

Resources are fewer and fewer. But an efficient use can extend their lifetime and even allow some of them to reappear. And heating solutions that provide flameless heat are some of the most representative products that use resources in an efficient manner.

These products provide maximum heating power in locations that otherwise would be very difficult to heat up, and they do this consuming less fuel. Because they do not generate exposed flames, such heating solutions are perfect for an increased safety.

At the same time, such heating equipment generates a very low CO output, which makes it compliant with the OSHA and NIOSH standards. It is considered that heating units that do not generate flames are 99.9% efficient. Plus, they can produce heat from the first moment you start them up.

When compared to other heating solutions, these products offer much more advantages. They are portable, easy to use, need less fuel to work, offer access to difficult areas because they are mounted on trailers, and feature variable heat settings.

The history behind these diesel heating units starts more than 20 years ago. After many tests and redesigns, the current product that is known as JetHeat has been released to the market, nowadays being the only one of its kind. The product can be used to heat manufacturing facilities, institutions, but also private residences.

It features a small size, but a high power. Unlike other units that consume a high amount of fuel and require frequent repairs, this product needs a low amount of fuel and only requires regular maintenance, to guarantee a safe functioning.

Another advantage of the product is that it does not generate any smells whatsoever. Usually, heating units that work on fuel generate a number of smells that, combined with the odors that are normally encountered in a factory or in a house under construction, can make owners regret the decision of buying them.

It can be difficult to work in summer clothes in an indoor space when the outside temperature is negative, or at least this happens with a regular heating unit, because with this heating solution, this is not difficult at all.

All factories and building contractors that have used the product claim that it is the most efficient they have ever seen and they would continue to use it, recommending it to other companies and individuals.

Consider the most fuel efficient product on the market, JetHeat, a product that consists of a jet turbine and a combustion chamber and that delivers an incredible amount of heat. To learn more about this heating equipment that generates flameless heat and check out its exact technical specifications, we invite you to our website.

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