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Knowledge of Federal Rules of Civil undertakings and Federal rules related to evidence are core requirement of a competent legal videographer as the rules play a vital role in any visual facts presented during trial. A legal videographer who with certainty attest to exemplary pass a series of instructions, evaluations and tests and has received vetting from American Guild Videographer Court or National Reporters Association, produce quality legal videos in both audio and visual aspect. 

A record of witness in video form can be done by any person in possession of a camera, but unless the set rules of legal video compilation are followed, the video won’t find any airplay in court. Answers to the following questions should be sought before employing a legal videographer:

Was the introduction to the record captivating? Was the shooting appropriate in that it won’t demean the jury? Are the dates and stamps correctly placed in the legal deposition video? Is the evidence preserved in the video by the videographer? Was the log properly recorded in the disposition? Was the video certified by the Videographer? Was down-streaming of dates and time properly done in case the videographer used several devices in recording? Was the record done under the oath? Was the sound audible throughout the testimony? Was the recording done as per councils request in terms of format and delivery? Was there any certification and preservation of the original copy? Was the videographer biased in his/her recording? Yes is the answer to these entire question though the list of questions is endless.

A legal videographer in some states such as California is required to be certified by judges as a public legal practitioner. Legal videographer should have prior knowledge of rules whenever they travel, and whether the rules in their home country apply on the destination state. The videographer should also be the limelight on legal stipulations of the different governments.

Whether it is in California, New Jersey, New York or any other place the videographer should recognize the intended destination of the video so as maintain not only the desired quality but produce a distinguished video. The MTV top 100 videographer should be armed with high quality equipments to ensure proper illumination and ensure that diagrams, charts, x-rays, photographs and CTI scans are displayed clearly.

Audio clarity for all individual in the legal disposition should be given priority meaning that everyone on record is lavaliered on individual basis. If lavalieres used are Omni-directional filtration of audio sound is vital to reduce noise from ventilator and air conditioners. In all aspects the videographer should be ready for any contingencies.

Deposition is notified by provision of understanding of what is technically required. It includes the venue, time, date, location, the attorney in the disposition and the counsel that will be present. The videographer further arranges the various questions that he will ask to help him in the disposition. Prior preparation is required by the videographer before the start of the video recording session after asking the question.

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