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Posted by AllmaJess on May 13th, 2015

Finding a heating unit that can provide a high amount of heat at a low cost is very difficult, since most heaters consume a lot of fuel to offer an amount of heat that is not extraordinary. But JetHeat is not like other heaters; this product offers an incredible amount of flameless heat Fort St. John at just a fraction of the cost.

The product has been in development for many years and its final version has recently been released. It consists of a jet turbine and a combustion chamber that work together and produce a great amount of heat when compared to other heating solutions. And this comes only for just a small percent of the money that users normally pay when using a heater.

JetHeat brings a lot of advantages to companies worldwide, but it can also be used by private users. It is versatile and easy to use and, most importantly, it does not consume too much fuel. The product can heat up a large space from the very first moments of turning it on. It is suitable for construction sites, but it can also prove effective in factories or institutions.

Because it produces flameless heat Fort St. John, it is also a safe product. And, unlike other heaters that use diesel fuel to work, this product does not generate any odors, which makes it perfect for private residences, as well. With the technologies behind this heating unit, everyone can be safe at their workplace or in their house, despite very cold weather.

However, the device generates a very low CO output, but this meets OSHA and NIOSH standards. It features a small size, and a compact trailer that allows users to take the product with them everywhere they want to heat up a space. Studies show that this small, yet very powerful, heater is 99.9% efficient.

Technologically, the product is superior to its competition. And much more affordable, too. It can easily be maintained, features variable heat settings, and has the ability to start without preheating even if the temperature is very low. Because it is rather small and uses a trailer, it can reach areas that other and much larger heaters cannot.

The conclusion that can be drawn from all of the above is that this heating solution provides more heat with a lot less fuel. It is a small product, easy to use, and guarantees a lower fuel cost. The product can be bought or only rented on those occasions when a space needs to be heated.

99.9%+ efficiency, ease of use, low maintenance, small size, high static pressure, an unbelievable amount of heat, low costs, the ability to start without preheating, a continuous air volume, no exposed flames, maximum safety, these are just a few of the benefits of using JetHeat, a heating unit that produces flameless heat Fort St. John and that can be used by both private users and companies.

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