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Posted by Michael Griffin on March 23rd, 2021

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With insurance premiums soaring high, it’s become harder for people to afford meaningful coverage. It doesn’t help that most state laws require you to have a certain amount of protection on your vehicle. Fortunately, you can make savings starting by finding an affordable auto insurance agency in Palm City. Just make sure that the policy you choose at least meets the state requirements.

Buy Cars Cheap To Insure

You should start comparing insurance costs when shopping for new vehicles. Because car insurance companies usually look at the vehicle when deciding what to charge you. Buying a safe car of moderate cost can help you get a moderate premium. Companies tend to charge small car owners less than large car owners.

Compare Different Agencies

The first agency you come across may offer a good price. But the next might offer more coverage for the same price. You should compare quotes from multiple Palm City insurance companies to find the most affordable policy. Also, compare the policies to know what they cover. Make sure that the policy you choose at least meets the state’s minimum requirements.

Avoid Coverage You Don’t Need

Your policy might include policies that are neither legally required nor necessary for your needs. Save on premiums by excluding them from your plans.

Drive Safely

Driving safely can help you avoid collisions in most cases. This in turn will help you avoid the need for making insurance claims. Every claim you make usually increases your premiums, especially if it’s your fault. It’s because the company believes you are likely to file more claims. So follow traffic rules and drive as carefully as possible.

Take Defensive Driving Course

Many agencies offer discounts on completing an approved defensive driving course. Check this with your insurer before enrolling. Taking this course might also reduce the number of points you have on your license. Check your state requirements and ensure that the course is accredited. Other courses like accident prevention can also be helpful.

Drop Add-Ons On Old Cars

A car’s value drops with time. If your car’s current value is less than ten times what you pay in premiums, then you might want to drop some riders. These may include collision insurance or comprehensive insurance. You can check your car’s current value through websites like Kelly’s Blue Book or NADA.

Consider Pay Per Mile Insurance

If you don’t drive frequently, then you should consider a pay-per-mile insurance policy. In this model, the insurer charges you based on how much you drive. The insurer installs a device in your car to keep track of your mileage. Many companies offer discounts for low mileage drivers and safe driving habits. If you have to drive long distances, use public transit for savings.

Bundle Your Insurance

Many insurers offer different types of insurance policies. Getting multiple policies from the same insurer can help you save a considerable amount on monthly bills. It’s also quite convenient since you don’t have to pay different companies.

Get Multi-Car/Multi-Driver Insurance

Insuring multiple cars and/or multiple drivers is more affordable than getting them individually insured. Many insurers offer a bulk rate on multiple vehicles or cars to attract more business. If one of the drivers is a teenager, then you might be charged more. But if they have good grades, then they might receive discounts.

Consider Semi-Annual Or Annual Plans

Paying every six months or annually can help you save a small amount at the end of the year. Many companies offer discounts on these plans making them more beneficial than monthly plans.

Go For Higher Deductibles

Carriers usually charge lower premiums for higher deductibles. So going for a considerably high premium can be profitable, especially if you’re a careful driver. Of course, you shouldn’t go for the highest deductible because you need to pay it from your pocket. Consider how much you’d be able to pay in case you need to file a claim when choosing a plan.

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