Top 10 Idea & Innovation Management Solution in 2021

Posted by Shekhar Tekade on March 23rd, 2021

Innovation management software enhances the innovation process of organizations and transforms business outcomes. The idea & innovation management solution can be a crucial asset for any organization if it is selected well and satisfies all present and future demands. The demand for implementation of this software is growing, and hence, the competition. Getting the desired Idea management software can be time-consuming and exhausting and needs a lot of research in the market.

Is your company struggling in the innovation and idea management process? Are you looking for Best Innovation Management Software in 2021? Without further ado, here is the list of Top 10 Idea & Innovation Management Solution in 2021 that can help you in optimizing your innovation process:

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  1. Planview Spigit

Planview acquired Spigit, one of the leading players in crowdsourced innovation management software. The software manages the innovation process by collecting ideas from employees as well as customers. With the analytical features,it helps management in making smart and informed decisions and also tracks the progress of ideas implemented. Companies are able to consolidate ideas and compare them with machine learning. With the participation rewards and gamification features, Spigit stands out as the #1 ranked innovation management software provider in the market.

  • Brightidea

Brightidea is a top innovation management software provider that provides software as per the requirement of the customer. The software comes with cloud implementation along with crowdsourcing collaboration. With the configurable platforms, users can manage all processes in organizations effectively. The customer base of Brightidea innovation management software comprises Accenture, GE, Merck, Nielsen, and many such big players

  • Qmarkets

Qmarkets provides SaaS innovation management software for the enterprise. With this software, companies can transform their innovative ideas into reality. Qmarkets focuses on employee innovation programs and continuous improvement with digital transformation in their processes. The company offers services to various industries like BFSI, transport, government, smart city, and energy & utilities.

  • Hype Innovation

Hype Innovation provides idea and innovation management software for forming strategies to work on numerous opportunities in the market. The company also provides guidance and works with customers in building sustainable, innovative programs. Hype Innovation majorly focuses on strategy building, idea generation, partner engagement, and value creation.

  • Imaginatik

Imaginatik, acquired by Planbox, offers innovation management solutions for companies. The software runs innovative health checkups and identifies the KPIs, tools & techniques for optimizing the process, focuses on continuous improvement, and aligns the strategies as per the business objectives. Some of the major clients of Imaginatik include Altria, Cargill, Caterpillar, ExxonMobil, National Air Traffic Services, Novartis, and Shell.

  • Wazoku Limited

Wazoku Limited offers cloud-based idea management software. The software solves real business issues by collecting ideas, evaluating, and implementing the right ones. Along with this, it also helps in identifying new opportunities for achieving innovation as well as strategic objectives of the organization. The software is implemented by organizations like Waitrose, HSBC, and the UK central government.


Salesforce innovation management software automates collaboration between teams and helps organizations in improving their processes. It offers a cost-effective solution for companies who want to transform their business outcome in an innovative and strategic way. The company offers a solution to industries like BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, government, communications, consumers, and automotive.

  • SAP SE

SAP offers on-cloud innovation management software for enterprises which helps in collecting and validating ideas. SAP innovation management software manages idea campaigns and helps in shortlisting desired ideas until the implementation. It encourages employees to participate in the ideation process and makes them feel valued. The software can be used on any device like a smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

  • IdeaScale

Idea management software offered by IdeaScale enables companies to optimize their idea management process by collating feedback from clients as well as from employees. The software can be customized based on customer requirements. The software comes with numerous advanced features like idea submission and merge, gamification, campaign management, voting, and commenting.

  1. Crowdicity

Crowdicity is an idea management software implemented by companies to utilize ideas shared by employees, clients, and shareholders for bringing innovative outcomes. The software is mainly used for employee engagement, collaboration, engaging customers, and innovation in investment. The company offers software to sectors such as consumer, financial, communication, construction, utilities, government, education, healthcare, and NGO.

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