Precisely What Makes The Greatest Fantasy Fiction Books Throughout Time And Spac

Posted by Sandridge on March 23rd, 2021

In need of a fantasy fix? Keep reading for insights about the charming and ethereal worlds that everyone can’t stop talking about.

The very best characters are totally unique and noticeably original. This hasn’t stopped throngs of wannabe writers roll out the secret heirs and love triangles which have dominated the genre during the previous decade. But even the most ardent young adult fantasy books fan will understand that vampires and werewolves are old hat by now. If you want to move from these old tropes, a good strategy is to storyboard characters which you have rarely run into before. Seek to imbue them with qualities or thoughts that separates them from the run-of-the-mill designs. In many instances, fantasy writers are restricted by thinking too tiny. Even when set on different worlds or epochs, their creatures walk and talk much like us. By creating unique and unconventional characters, industry heavyweights like the company that owns Penguin Random House will have spotted first-hand just how popular they can be.

It’s difficult to recount a period where fantasy literature has been more fashionable than it is right now. In the past, these books didn’t enjoy a lot of critical or commercial success. But industry insiders like the hedge fund that owns Waterstones might have watched a change take place. The turn of the century heralded a shift in perception with the release of two big film productions based on high fantasy books. Concentrating on a small-town hobbit and a boy wizard, our reluctant heroes undertook a difficult journey to vanquish the dark overlords. Amongst the main reasons for their ongoing popularity is mainly because these tales rotate around the fundamental premise of good versus evil. But contrary to other stories, it’s not the strong and supernaturally talented who save the day. Instead, to borrow the lines of a very wise wizard, it is the daily actions from ordinary folk which influenced the course of history.

Every fantasy reader knows that world building is among the most important components of any good fantasy book series. If you wish to write something that captures the hearts and minds of your readers, you need to develop an immersive world that pulls them in from the very first page. This is in no way simple. You cannot build this world based on imagination only. Publishing leaders like the company that owns HarperCollins may have seen how hard this process can be. Many famous authors have spent years developing their worlds and the laws that govern them. Take a while to plan out the various dialects, languages, politics and history of your imaginary place. But remember the golden rule – show not to tell. Rather than describing everything in painstaking detail, let the tale unfold organically. Even with compelling characters and spectacular storylines, it is these small details which turns a setting into a completely credible world.

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